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    JA Sanidine II – Joomla 1.5 – My site

    Having two issues that I cannot find an answer too anywhere.

    1) On the front page in the “CB Gallery Module” every time the page loads it randomly changes the images displayed there, which isn’t a big deal, however it is trying to display some of the images from users that came with the template. I obviously deleted those users but still their deleted pictures are showing up as some kind of bland jpg image in the gallery. I cant figure out how to fix that?

    2) Just like the Community builder is able to add images to a user and then are viewable by everyone, is there an equivalent of this for video’s? An extension that a noob like me could install and use?

    3) on the slideshow there is a little hand that indicates that the picture being displayed is a link, however when you click on it it doesn’t do anything? Is there a way to make it where when you click on the picture it actually takes you to the picture itself and display’s it somehow?

    HeR0 Friend

    Hi Okie76
    – CB Gallery Module is 3rd which is out of support range, sorry.
    – JA Slide show: you fill the description as below:

    <h3>Engineer in Action </h3>
    <p>Just a sample image of an engineer in action lobbing bombs from a cannon. This very well could be a warrior with a really BFG. I'm really just testing the slideshow and script editing process.</p>

    url is incorrect, you should change to ‘#’ , ‘javascript:void();’ or a link to a page on your site.

    Hope that can help you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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