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  • Balaji Ramanathan Friend

    Could a noble soul please help me out?
    As in the image with numbers, please ….(Please see the attached image)

    1. I want complete white background. How can I change the menu color? Looks like it is using some image, but could not find it. Drop down menu color also has to be changed. I am fine if a grey color is given instead.

    2. Menu links – can it be changed to default bright blue color as in standard webpage color?

    3. There is a space between menu/logo and main content. how can I reduce that?

    4. Can that line color be changed to black?

    5. I can change body-bot.jpg. but where is the middle portion coming from other than body-top.jpg? It has to become white too.

    6. how can I remove the choices of other templates? I would like only white template/background and no other choice. Can I turn it off somehow?

    I am planning to work on improvig the layout, but for the time being I am quite hard pressed for time to get this basic webpage up.

    PLEASE please help!


    1. Image1
    Sherlock Friend

    Hi drb07 !
    What joomla version do you use ? I need know version , It’s easy for support !

    Balaji Ramanathan Friend

    The latest stable version 1.5.0

    After tinkering with the images and website for 5 hrs last night, I was able to solve most of the issues as mentioned in the above first post. I think I now understand better, hope it is the right way to learn.

    Still there are few other issues remaining.
    Please see the image.
    1. Can I show a user menu or some banner kind of thing there? (under login form which shows up in ‘home’).
    2. I am still not clear how to edit this menu and make it simple white background.
    3. This is user menu1 as shown in demo screenshot, but in my joomla administrator panel, I literally turned off everything , still this shows up. I don’t know where this one is hiding.
    4. I guess I have to edit the menu links color in css. Right?
    5. I would like to reduce the space little bit. Please…
    6. One more – “6” in the first image (first post) – I don’t know how to turn it off and keep only one default background /template. Like how to keep one the blue template as default and turn off others.

    thanks for the help.


    1. Image1
    Sherlock Friend

    Hi drb07 !
    about 1st question :
    – You login to administrator go to extensions>> module manager -> select user menu >> set position for it to “left:” and enable it . It will display on left-side.
    – If you want display banner , You use banner module , configation is similar above .
    – Banner , you can manager in banner component ( components >> banner)

    Sherlock Friend

    about 2nd question :
    to change background for menu. You open template_css.css file in templates/ja_koniga/css folder . Find 2 code section :
    at about line 841 :

    #ja-mainnavwrap {
    background:transparent url(../images/mainnav-bg.gif) no-repeat scroll left top;

    and at about line 850 :

    #ja-mainnav {template_css.css (line 850)
    background:transparent url(../images/mainnav-right-bg.gif) no-repeat scroll right top;
    padding:0pt 5px;

    if you want change background to white , you must edit mainnav-bg.gif file and mainnav-right-bg.gif file . I can find them in templates/ja_koniga/images folder.

    Sherlock Friend

    About 3nd question :
    This is user3 module . You must disable it on administrator . go to module manager >> select module with position is “user3” then disable it .

    about question 4 :
    Open template_css.css file in templates/ja_koniga/css folder . find those code :

    #ja-col1 a

    You can change value for color code.

    About question 5 :
    open template_css.css file then find code section :

    h1.logo {

    you can change “height” value for change height of header.

    Balaji Ramanathan Friend

    Hello Hainin,
    Thanks a million, no….zillion.

    I would appreciate if you could check your PM.

    thank you,


    Sherlock Friend

    OK please check PM !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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