JA Social Plugin

This is the userguide on how to install and configure the plugin in your Joomla site.

If you are new to Joomla, you can check our detail guide of How to install Plugin in your Joomla site.

From the back-end of your Joomla site (administration) select Extensions >> Plugin Manager then click on plugin named: System - JA Social to enter configuration panel:

1. Basic Settings

Parameter Explanation

  • Select Categories: Select categories that will have the plugin enabled (social buttons will be displayed in the selected categories in front-page).
  • Position: select position to display social buttons block: Before content, After content or After Title
  • Display on List Pages: select whether to enable buttons in item list page.
  • Display on Featured Pages: select whether to enable buttons in featured items page.
Front-end Appearance

2. Facebook Settings

Parameter Explanation

  • Facebook like button: select to enable/disable Facebook like button
  • Display the SEND button: select to enable/disable the button: SEND
  • Embed Type: select embed type: IFrame or FBML
  • Facebook Application Id: Id of Facebook Application, it is required for some funtions of FBML Javascript SDK
  • Layout: select layout for the Facebook like button: standard, button count or box count
  • Show face: Show User's face, it is only applied for "Standard" layout.
  • Width: set the width size of Facebook like button (in pixel).
  • Height: set the height size of Facebook like button (in pixel).
  • Action: select type of action for the button: Like or Recommend.
  • Font Style: select font for text in the button.
  • Color Scheme: select color scheme for the button: light or dark
Front-end Appearance

3. Twitter settings

Parameter Explanation

  • Show Twitter Share button: select to enable/disable Twitter Share button
  • Style of Twitter button: select style of twitter button: vertical count, horizontal count or no count.
  • Language: select language for Twitter Share button
  • Username: enter your twitter username.
  • Related account: add your related account
  • Related account description: add description for related account
Front-end Appearance

4. Google Plus Settings

Parameter Explanation

  • Show Google 1+ Button: if Yes, the button will be displayed in front-end.
  • Style of Google 1+ Button: select style of button: Small, Medium, Standard, Tall.
  • Language: select language of the button.
  • Include Count: if Yes, the count is displayed besides the button.
Front-end Appearance

5. Digg It Settings

Parameter Explanation

  • Show Digg It button: If Yes, the button will be displayed in front-end.
  • Style of Digg It button: style of Digg It button: Wide button, Medium button, Compact Button, Icon.
Front-end Appearance

In case you configure correctly, but you don't see it working on your front-page, please make sure you enable the plugin.