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  • 30th April: JA Wall is not available for sale yet

  • 17th May: 17th May: JA Wall 1.0.0 Stable is now available. Release Note - Download.

The Trend of Pinterest Style

JA Wall - The look and feel from Mobile screens

The Hit Of 2012: JA Wall - Joomla 2.5 Responsive Template

Imagine an endless stream of a grid-style content following the undesign approach for your Joomla website is coming just for you. Primed to customize portfolio websites where users can present their visual photographs, design and artwork. The JA Wall template is powered by a dynamic grid-style layout and the combination of jQuery Masonry plug-in and responsive design makes the content flexible to be displayed. Hence, JA Wall is just a perfect template to serve all your needs from a typical website/Joomla! content like articles, articles with images, videos, image galleries and attachments. All arranged in a grid-style layout. Oh... looks familiar right? In case you don't know pinterest yet, you will see it in the next section.

View Live Demo and in the responsinator bit.ly/Iiifdh

4 in 1: Pinterest, Visualization, Undesign, Responsive

1. Inspiration from the trend of Pinterest Design

The Trend of Pinterest Style

The Trend of Pinterest Style

has shaped a major shift in website design by breaking the common layout of a website with flexible number of columns and grid. Pinterest uses jQuery Masonry layout to arrange the website content, this has 2 main advantages. Firstly, the content is displayed with a grid-style filled in with blocks in order to show a larger amount of content. This ways, website visitors are able to scan content quicker. Secondly, tags and categories help to structure and organize the content so readers can select and filter the content according to their topic of interest. That's the reason why we have adapted the grid-style layout for JA Wall and tweaked it how we want the design looks like.

2.Visualization: A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words. (Source: Robin Adelson)

A complex idea is hard to understand when reading a lot of text only. Images supports the text to visualize the concept in a quick catching way. Be it an infographic made of a combination of forms, colors and typography or a photograph. Both have a condensed level of information which our human brain is able to put in context in order to come to a conclusion.

According to Visual Teaching Alliance (mmhh... they should update their website with one of our templates :D ) 65% of us are visual learners. As a website owner you want to consider this fact to deliver a message with your content by using a visual element. Pictures and graphics can help you to emphasize your content. With the goal to engage with the reader and to show that you have an important message to tell. This is what you want to achieve, right?

While text is important, users have less time to read on the web. They are distracted by the environment like noisy colleagues ;), slow internet or annoying online ads. If your web page appears not visually appealing, the reader might skip your page within seconds. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

“Just get rid of the crappy stuff and
focus on the good stuff”

-- Steve Jobs

The quote leads us to the next topic.

3. The Rise of Undesign

Undesign - Design Less, Design Better

Undesign - Design Less, Design Better.

Kean Richmond says Undesign “scaled back to the bare necessities”. We would say “Content is King and Design is the Queen”. Meaning content rules and the design keeps everything in the right order and good shape.

4. Responsive: The Future of Web Design

Responsive Design - Fit every screen size

Responsive Design - Fit every screen size

In our earlier blog post about our responsive JA Elastica template we have given you insights about the significant change of web design due to the evolution of mobile devices. Web design has shifted its focus on delivery a design that can fit to various devices.

After the huge interest for JA Elastica, JA Puresite and JA Lens (our May 2012 Joomla template), we are happy to announce our next responsive design evolution - JA Wall.

JA Wall Style Gallery

Default Style

Default Style

Classic Style

Classic Style

Color Block Style

Color Block Style

Color Block Light Style

Color Block Light Style

Minimal Style

Minimal Style

Minimal Dark Style

Minimal Dark Style

TeenLife  Style

TeenLife Style

Retro Style

Retro Style

Retro Style

Black Board Style

JA Wall Bundle Pricing & License ?

JA wall is a featured template bundle project which is not part of our template club. (Note: The 2012 May template release is JA Lens).

The JA Wall bundle is released under GPL license and introductory price is offered at $49 with 1 year free update & support.

JA Wall is available for free to all members with active Joomla Developer Membership. Developer Members, who have most experience & expertise with Joomla. Therefore, on 1/5/2012, we will release the download to Developer Members to receive their feedback. Final tuning to the template may be done before the official release.

Pre-order Date will be announced to our existing Club Members in the first week of May. All of our existing customer will be receiving a coupon of 30% off to purchase this bundle.

JA Wall now belongs to JATC club. So if you are JATC member, you can download it for free.

Signup now  Download

Development Roadmap

  • Feb: Responsive base theme experiment & development kicked off.
  • 29 March: JA Wall screenshots were published on JA Facebook
  • 18th April - 30th April: Close Beta & RC release.
  • 2nd May - Release to all our Joomla Developer Members (Joomla template club developer members) for free
  • 8th - 16th May: Pre-Order for JA Wall
  • 17th May - JA Wall 1.0.0 Stable is now available in 4 styles: default, classic, color block, and color block light to download. Release Note - Download.
  • From 18-20th May: Additional styles are released every week up to 8 styles
Based on our customer feedback via forum, facebook, twitter we will improve & update the Bundle from time to time. So there are no detailed plan yet when and what will be added in the next version.

Notice JA Wall supports the latest Joomla version 2.5.xx

Release Notes

We will update our Release notes for JA Wall at our update page. The Beta & Release Candidate release note can be found in this forum thread

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