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  • linghun1 Friend

    look forwards some help

    1. menu1
    2. menu2
    pavit Moderator

    You can change it here

    Open templates/ja_university/js/menu/mega.js file

    find "Navigation" and you can see it

    jbutton = new Element ('div', {id:'ja-menu-button', html: 'Navigation', styles: { display: 'none'}}).inject (jmega, 'before');

    And change it to anything you like

    linghun1 Friend

    thank you ,solved!!

    linghun1 Friend

    hi i find the inner page not change ,only the homepage ,how to solve this?

    pavit Moderator

    Could you post a link to your website here ?

    linghun1 Friend

    my website is localhost,strange!!,now the homepage not change ,the inner page changed,see my video

    pavit Moderator

    Please publish your website on a public host from where we can access and debug the issue , i cannot replicate it on my localhost.

    After you published it post here details for backend.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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