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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    JA T3 Framework 2 has been updated and we recommend all the T3 Framework 2 users to upgrade their framework. This DOES NOT includes JA Anion and JA Droid Users. JA Anion and JA Droid upgrades will be announced separately.

    What’s updated?

    • T3 Blank Template V 1.1.4. Compare the versions HERE. View the Changelog HERE.
    • JAT3 Plugin 1.1.4. View file comparison HERE.
    • JAT3 Typo Plugin V 2.0.0. View file comparison HERE.
    • Download the Updated files HERE.

    Upgrade steps.

    • Uninstall old JAT3 plugin, install the new version and enable it. It updates the plugin and blank template.
    • Uninstall old JA Typo plugin. Install the new version and enable plugin.

    Hung Dinh

    investx Friend


    This version still don’t cahe the optimized css and js files.

    Please see this thread

    thehacker Friend

    there is some tiny thing you’ve left out:

    Line 87

    In old version it was:
    $html = “<ul class=”pagination”>”;

    In new it is:
    $html = “<ul>”;

    It should be like in the old version, because the <ul> has to have class name pagination because of css styling. 😉

    credit goes to my colleague who found this wile coding new template based on t3 v2 framework.

    thehacker Friend

    And there is problem when someone want to include css that doesnt end with .css

    For example in some module I have:
    $document->addStyleSheet(‘../style.css.php?getwidth=’.$params->get(‘categorymenu_width’, 150));

    Should print like:
    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”../style.css.php?getwidth=150″ type=”text/css” />

    But it doesnt print at all!
    It works fine on standard templates and standard T3 framework.

    And if I remove everything after the extension it includes ok on T3 v2 framework. So conclusion is that you probably parse the path of the css and have conflict with paths that have queries in it.

    Khanh Le Moderator

    Thank you for your helpful report. I’ll check and update to the new version of T3v2.

    denis25 Friend

    Translation of some words in the Cpanel is not possible with ini files
    see this thread

    h_moghimi Friend

    Any News from JA T3 Framework 2 update for JA Anion?
    I have problem with T3 and joomfish. JA T3 Framework plugin block the Joomfish translation of menus! it’s fixed in new update of JAT3 except JA Anion and JA Droid!

    veeco Friend

    I would like to know if designer have option to create template from scratch as my discussion on this thread :

    if yes.. please let me know how… i really like top-down approach when design for joomla

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