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  • ostonica Friend

    I would like to change the width of a module in a template. The module (user5 in Labra) currently occupies 100% width and I would like that to be 60%.

    I would also like the entire template to be floating rather than fixed width.

    Please could someone point me in the right direction to learn how to do these things. I am reading many books and articles on Joomla, but have not yet learned how to do these (seemingly) simple tasks.



    dlocc Friend

    Hello Ostonica,

    To change a module’s width please log into your the admin site. Select Extensions > Module Manager

    Next, select the module you’d like to change the width of (you said it was in User5 position so you can sort by position to find it faster)

    Now in the right hand column there should be parameters… Do you see a width or height modification? If yes, then great… you can quickly edit it.

    If not: you will need to give it a module class suffix and edit the width using CSS

    Oh and yes, if you want to learn Joomla better then just keep working with it and posting on forums like you are now. I have never read a book on Joomla.

    If you need further help let me know…

    ostonica Friend

    Thanks for the helpful message.

    However. In the Labra template, there is no module named user5. The documentation called it a module, but it’s actually a position.

    There are modules user9 and user 10 but there are no width settings.

    I have been trying to find out how, and where, these positions are specified, but there does not seem to be easy explanation of how this is accomplished using css files in ja templates.

    I am finding Barrie North’s book helpful for many things but not for this particular question.

    Thanks again for your help and encouragement


    ostonica Friend

    I wonder if it would help to solve my problem if I reworded the question.

    Where are the characteristics of module positions defined in Joomla Version 1.5? The tutorial for adding a custom module position is written for what looks like Joomla 1.0. I have been looking in the JA Labra template to see where the porperties of user3 user4 and user5 are specified, but I cannot find those definitions anywhere. I found the position names in the xml file, but that’s all.

    Please could the developer of Labra answer this, or some other knowledgeable person.



    dlocc Friend

    Positions are defined at the template level. Changing the width of the positions would require manipulating the code of the JA LAbra template

    ostonica Friend

    Thanks, yes I did realize that.

    Actually the penny dropped this afternoon while reading another article on ccs driven layouts while waiting for my car maintenance to be finished. I see now that the positioning is all controlled by the <divs> in the index.php file. I think I can see now how to modify the index.php file to get what I want.

    Thanks everyone


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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