Dear Folks,

Ho ho ho! As for the previous years, this year JA Santa comes with a bag full of Joomla gifts & deals. In this bag there is a dream. A dream to raise $1M for the Joomla! fund.

JA Santa has partnered with the top of the top Joomla gurus, with the goal to get to you the best Joomla deals under your Christmas tree. Pick your favourite Joomla products and pay what you wish and give Joomla! a helping hand! All inspired by the Humble Bundle idea.

Psssst! For the time being, JA Santa needs to keep the next partners secret. Enjoy from today to 26th December 2012 JoomlArt membership and the JomSocial Pro Edition — the top community Joomla! More to come for this Joomla humble bundle!

Happy Holidays!

From JAntas with Love,