JA Wall

  • Introducing JA Wall - A New Height for Joomla Responsive Templates Design

    • 5th May: JA Wall PreOrder will be available on Tue, 8th May 2012, please follow us @joomlart on twitter and like our http://www.facebook.com/joomlart Facebook page to be informed instantly.

    • 30th April: JA Wall is not available for sale yet

    • 17th May: 17th May: JA Wall 1.0.0 Stable is now available. Release Note - Download.

  • Introducing Xmas theme for JA Wall bundle

    Good news for the JA Wall builders, new version of JA Wall now sports all new Christmas theme apart from the bug fixes and update for the latest K2 component version 2.6.2. Dress up your Wall website this season with all new Christmas theme.

  • JA Wall - Pre Order now open! 40% discount for existing members (updated)

    Last week, we have granted FREE access to download JA Wall for all the Developer members.

    UPDATE : Downloads will be available only after 17th May, Pre-orders as this one are discounted. Post 17th May JA Wall will be sold on full price $ 49. Order now and save.Developer members will have free downloads privileges.

    A few reasons behind this:

    1. JA Wall requires some advanced configuration and setup. We need to provide detailed and thorough userguide before the official sales.
    2. 2 core themes should be fine tuned and all core HTML/CSS markups must be solid and stable before we add the 6 styles.
    3. We will try not to change HTML/CSS markup after the stable release, we want to keep them FOREVER so that other developers/3rd party extension company can develop additional style / feature for this template. By maintaining a solid code base for layout/design, we can avoid incompatibility problem with any future update/release.
    4. Developer Members can contribute valuable feedback and help us ironing this template to become a popular grid-style basetheme for Joomla.

    - Hung Dinh @ JA Wall Forum Announcement

    There are myriad numbers of non-Developer members with constant requests to attempt downloading JA Wall [Live Demo - Info] on our Facebook and Forum Announcement which has impressed us on the exceedingly high demand for this bundle.

    Thank you all your passion and love with JA Wall. This has inspired each of us individually thriving to speed up this bundle in its very last testing phase.

    To express our sincere appreciation for your support, we would like to give ALL our current active subscription members a 40% discount coupon if you join the Pre-Order Program.

  • Responsive Joomla template bundle - JA Wall released with 3 more styles

    The Responsive Joomla template bundle - JA Wall is out today with 3 additional styles including: Vintage, Mirror and iWall, as promised in our previous blog on the latest upgrade for JA Wall to Joomla 3.2.

  • Responsive Joomla template bundle – JA Wall updated for Joomla 3.2

    The responsive Joomla template bundle - JA Wall for blog, portfolio, magazine and business has been released to be compatible with Joomla 3.2.