JA Medicare

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Name Type Last Update Version Size Action
JA Medicare for Joomla 3quickstart3 Feb 202399.09 MB
JA Medicare for Joomla 4quickstart26 Apr 2023114.78 MB
JA Medicare Templatetemplate6 Apr 20223.0.02.67 MB
JA Masshead Modulemodule22 Oct 20212.6.269.47 KB
JA Facebook Like Box Modulemodule31 Aug 20212.6.467.60 KB
JA Slideshow Lite Modulemodule31 Mar 20221.2.5126.56 KB
JA Accordion Modulemodule28 Nov 20222.6.392.28 KB
JA Content Slider Modulemodule31 Dec 20212.7.5111.65 KB
JA System Google Map pluginplugin21 Apr 20232.7.5107.58 KB
T3 System Pluginplugin11 Apr 20233.1.33.07 MB
JA Disqus Debate Echo pluginplugin7 Apr 20222.6.778.76 KB
JA Extension Manager Componentcomponent24 Nov 20222.7.5580.19 KB
JA Medicare Source filesource2 Jun 20141.0.030.45 MB