JA GDPR 3rd Party Extension Plugins

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Name Type Last Update Version Size Action
JA GDPR DJ Catalog Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.059.33 KB
JA GDPR J2Store Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.126.07 KB
JA GDPR EasySocial Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.111.88 KB
JA GDPR Virtuemart Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.135.16 KB
JA GDPR RSForm Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.153.69 KB
JA GDPR Publisher Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.160.91 KB
JA GDPR JomSocial Pluginplugin1 Aug 20181.0.229.09 KB
JA GDPR K2 Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.131.78 KB
JA GDPR Guru Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.159.67 KB
JA GDPR EasyDiscuss Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.113.55 KB
JA GDPR DJ Classifieds Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.064.09 KB
JA GDPR EasyBlog Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.111.34 KB
JA GDPR Community Builder Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.1120.12 KB
JA GDPR Adagency Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.160.40 KB
JA GDPR AcyMailing Pluginplugin1 Aug 20181.0.265.43 KB
JA GDPR Mijoshop Pluginplugin1 Aug 20181.0.19.94 KB
JA GDPR JShopping Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.026.04 KB
JA GDPR Hikashop Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.013.08 KB
JA GDPR Kunena Pluginplugin8 Jun 20181.0.115.94 KB