DT Register Component

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Name Type Last Update Version Size Action
DT Register QuickStartquickstart11 Jan 201959.72 MB
JA Conf Templatetemplate28 Sep 20181.0.43.24 MB
JA Events II templatetemplate28 Sep 20181.0.83.97 MB
JA Platon Template for DT Registertemplate2 Nov 20181.0.82.46 MB
T3 B3 Blank Templatetemplate5 Jul 20182.3.01.05 MB
JA Fit Templatetemplate2 Jul 20181.0.02.57 MB
DT Register Search Modulemodule22 Jun 20183.4.16.30 KB
DT Calendar Module module5 Oct 20183.5.110.59 KB
DT Register Upcoming Events Modulemodule22 Jun 20183.8.19.40 KB
DT Cart Modulemodule2 Nov 20183.5.33.29 KB
JA Payment Gatewayplugin10 Jan 20191.0.84.37 MB
System - DT Register SSLplugin21 Dec 20181.92.86 KB
System - DT Register No Cache Pluginplugin21 May 20153.02.61 KB
DT Register System Pluginplugin12 May 20161.02.75 KB
DT Register Records Pluginplugin15 Nov 20172.0.93.97 KB
T3 System Pluginplugin1 Nov 20182.7.32.93 MB
DT Register EventLink Pluginplugin2 Nov 20183.2.64.96 KB
DT Register JEvents Updateplugin10 Aug 20183.32.46 KB
DT Register Falang pluginplugin31 Oct 20121.0.03.00 KB
DT Register Componentcomponent11 Jan 20194.0.96.98 MB
DT Grid 2 Themecustom2 Nov 20181.0.11.24 MB
DT List Themecustom2 Nov 20181.0.21.25 MB
DT Grid Themecustom2 Nov 20181.0.21.25 MB
DT Retro Themecustom2 Nov 20181.0.11.24 MB
DT Linear Themecustom30 Nov 20181.0.21.26 MB