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JM Wall - Responsive Magento theme for blogging, ecommerce, business, portfolio site

JM Wall - Magento Responsive theme uses JQuery Mansory script to render the mobile layouts and comes with many new features such as JM Mega menu, quickview feature to provide quick sneakpeak for the products and easy to access shopping cart with simple drop down.

JM Wall also features improved product page layout with use of colorbox plugin for better image popups. JM slideshow and JM Product list extensions gives additional options for product display and the best part is the auto load on scroll. The products align themselves to fill in the space.

JM wall also showcases use of labels for product list extension, its easy to add the labels such as New or Hot for highlighting special products

Full Responsive Magento theme

Widely adapted by Magento themes, responsive design is now a bonus added on to your online store. Bring your store nearer to the consumers, even on smartphones and tablets.

Sticky Mega Menu

Enhance your site navigation with Sticky Mega Menu. Easy to navigate through a tons of product categories, access to the menu from anywhere of the site.

Hover animation and effect

JM Wall supports cool hover effects like giving short description of a product when shoppers hover over it.

Product labels

Label your products with "Hot" and "New" label badge.

Infinite scrolling & Lazy loading

This is the only Magento theme that supports infinite scrolling and lazy loading. This feature will get your store a flawless flow of products.