Outstanding features of the best Joomla page builder

All you need to build beautiful, responsive, and fast websites

Build your site visually

Enjoy the design work with the superior visual editor. Design, edit, and customize every part of your website to make it perfectly fit your requirements.

Joomla page builder visual design
Joomla page builder inline editor

Advanced inline editor

Update content inline and format the content with the supported format options: color, font, and more

Joomla page builder style settings

General settings

Configure the alignment, display mode, position and more for selected section or any element.

Joomla page builder dimensions settings

Dimension settings

Set width, height, margin and padding (in pixel) for any element, and section.

Joomla page builder typography settings

Typography customization

Set font family, font-weight, color, line-height, text-align, and shadow.

Joomla page builder decoration configuration

Decoration configuration

Set element, section opacity, add background color/image, and border properties.

Joomla page builder image and video overlay background

Image / Video overlay background

Easy to add an overlay background image or video, it supports multiple video sources.

Joomla page builder animation settings

Beautify websites with animations

Configure animation for any single element or a section using a 70+ animation library.

Joomla page builder template style overview

Template style overview

T4 page builder supports many templates and frameworks, you can overview a page with any template style.

Joomla page builder layer manager

Layer manager

Elements of a page are organized in layers to quickly navigate to an element to update.

Create websites fast and easy

Build a complete website that is beautiful, responsive, SEO friendly and more using website bundle import and export

Joomla page builder website bundles
Joomla page builder pages import

Website bundle import

Build a landing page or a complete website using the pre-made pages and website layout packs.

Joomla page builder page import

Page import/export

You can export one or multiple pages and import pages to other projects.

Joomla page builder page manager

Page / category manager

Manage categories and pages easily with an intuitive dashboard and Joomla ways.

70+ Pre-made Section Library

Beautiful section designs for many topics to create landing pages, websites, and campaigns faster. Drag and drop, update content and publish to the world.

Joomla page builder pre-made section designs
Joomla page builder blocks

Theme setting

Quickly change the style for the content block using the theme setting, the setting is for specific blocks.

Joomla page builder layer manager

User blocks

Build your own content blocks library and reuse repeatedly on different pages and other projects.

Joomla page builder shared blocks

Shared blocks

Set a block as a shared block in case you want to use the same block in many pages like footer, call to action.

30+ add-ons and more to come

We support many content elements and add-ons, from basic to advanced to build a full-featured website.

Joomla page builder add-ons
  • Joomla Module
  • Module Position
  • Accordion
  • Horizontal Tabs
  • Vertical Tabs
  • Typed Text
  • Grid Layouts
  • Slider
  • Image
  • Video
  • Google Map
  • Member
  • Heading
  • Icon
  • Table
  • Progress Bar
  • Order List
  • Icon List
  • Card
  • Alert
  • Box
  • Quote
  • Message
  • Blank Section
  • Divider
  • Read more

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Fully responsive and mobile-friendly design

Pages and websites you build with T4 Page Builder are fully responsive and mobile-friendly using Bootstrap 4 advanced responsive grid system.

the best Joomla page builder
responsive Joomla page builder

100% responsive at core

Whatever you build with T4 Page builder becomes responsive and mobile-friendly.

Joomla page builder responsive configuration

Responsive configuration

Select a responsive layout and configure display, show, or hide any element, section.

Joomla page builder and bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 responsive grid

Fully integrate Bootstrap 4, use its powerful mobile-first flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes.

Work with popular templates and frameworks

The Joomla page builder is designed to work with all popular templates and frameworks to create beautiful landing pages.

joomla page builder compatibility with templates

Extendable & Developer-Friendly

Many features to customize and update page, sections at developer level: Custom HTML, Custom CSS, add additional classes for page, elements and sections, and more.

Joomla page builder custom html and css
Joomla page builder customize HTML

Custom section & page HTML

Use HTML editor to update HTML mockup and content for sections or page.

Joomla page builder css customization

Add Custom CSS

Customize page and sections style using the in-built CSS editor. The custom CSS is applied for the entire page only.

Joomla page builder load custom JS and CSS

Load custom JS/CSS

Use external JS/CSS library by loading JS and CSS files in the T4 Page builder configuration.

More amazing features

Many features, in-built options are supported to help you build and update content and style for your websites easier than ever.

Joomla page builder settings
Joomla page builder permission settings

ACL settings

Configure permissions to edit, update, and manage T4 Builder pages for specific user groups.

Joomla page builder google fonts settings

Google fonts

Search and select any Google font with the advanced Font Manager and use it to configure typography for your page.

Joomla page builder font icons settings

Font icons

Support Material Icon Fonts and Awesome Icon Fonts by default, you can enable or disable the font icon.

Joomla page builder google fonts settings

Icon Font Selector

Easy to search and add Font awesome or material font icons, configure display for the icons with icon settings.

Joomla page builder revisions

Page Revision

Your updates are stored in different revisions, check and revert to previous updates with one click.

Joomla page builder options

In-built tools

Preview page, redo, undo, page content clear, copy, and paste any element, sections.

Work with popular 3rd party extensions

The Joomla page builder supports Joomla articles and many 3rd party extensions including K2, Virtuemart, and more.

Joomla article integration for joomla page builder

Joomla Article

Joomla module integration for joomla page builder

Joomla Custom HTML Module (planned)

k2 Joomla page builder integration

K2 (planned)

virtuemart Joomla page builder

Virtuemart (planned)

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