JoomlArt TWEAK Support Service for Joomla & Magento products

JoomlArt TWEAK Service

As per our Terms & Services, our standard support does not include template and extension customization or any modification to the codes to match your need. However, as there is a raising demand on custom work, we introduce the $49TWEAK service applied for our Joomla and Magento products. This service will allows you to access limited customization supports for our products from the very team that builds them.

Who can purchase this TWEAK support service?

At the moment, TWEAK is available up to 5 requests per day.

Terms of Services

  • Request scope: the scope of request must be limit to 1 issue per TWEAK at a time. A new TWEAK must be ordered for each specific issue.
  • Work scope: work of scope for each TWEAK request is limited to maximum of 4 hours workload on development team upon work acceptance.
  • Service scope: TWEAK applies for our Joomla & Magento products only. No third-party products supported. Once received your TWEAK request, we will let you know if your request is valid and meet our service scope or not. In case your request is invalid, you reserve the right to change the request, no extra charge needed.
  • Refund: is applied for TWEAK service and applicable within 7 days since the date we deliver our service.

Tweak request category:

TWEAK service is limited to small modification, configuration and minor tweaking of our product:

  • Installation: Request to install a template/theme or an extension on your site
  • Templates - Layout modification: Request to modify/customize a template layout, including but not limited to blocks, module, columns, desktop, responsive layout tweaks, etc.
  • Templates - Element modification: Request to modify/style a template element, including but not limited to fonts, colors, backgrounds, logos, etc.
  • Extensions - Configuration: Request to configure an extension on your site. Only minor configuration involved.
  • Extensions - Modification: Request to modify or style an extension. Only minor modification/styling involved.
Order $49 TWEAK

Tweak-ers available to order: 5