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  • deepseafishoil Friend

    Its a nice post ,But befour useing any host i most try to know about his facilities and prices .

    homeofficefurniture Friend

    Thanks for a nice post ,I want to use but i don’t know about that .So i want to about his facilities and prices.

    ronaldcrz5 Friend

    <em>@nigelm828 168293 wrote:</em><blockquote>Been with Hostgator for sometime now and their uptime and service has been great. They also have one click installation for Joomla using Fantastico.</blockquote>

    I would agree with you. I did not have much luck with bluehost and had to move my joomla site to HG long time ago, but ever since I moved, I have been a happy camper. HG rocks for sure, and are pretty cheap as well. 😉

    huitzilop Friend

    I’m on dreamhost right now and I’ve used siteground in the past. Both are great choices for joomla hosting.

    toniseo Friend

    <em>@prbalge 168295 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi,

    Basically while selecting hosting – a couple of things need to be checked.

    The kind of storage you need. The kind of bandwidth the site would need.

    Then how many users do you expect to come on the site.

    Then whether some outage in service is ok for the site.

    Once you are done with that, there are various types of hosting like shared hosting or a virtual or dedicated server.

    Shared hosting usually priced anywhere between 5-20USD a month are available. This I believe is sufficient for many users.

    What is your target market – say if your target market is your local market then its best to check out if some local hosting company provides hosting. It does not make sense if all or most of your logins are from say Europe and you have your site hosted in US or vis-a-vis.

    A Virtual or Dedicated hosting is only advicable if the scale of site is large and you expect some kind of software execution where in you need root access to the server (not possible / offered in shared hosting from what I know)

    While buying hosting do not go for traps like unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth – if they really start giving that the companies cant survive. The offers are great, but with a cost to performance. You cant expect say a $5000 car to give the same performance as say a $30000 car… there ought to be some compromises!

    First check the guaranteed uptime
    Then the disk space you need and bandwidth transfers expected.
    Then what kind of support they offer – like via phone, email or online chat.
    Expected support times (if they can provide)
    They dont tie you to a long term contract. Its best where you can choose monthly plans etc.
    i alway apreciate the detailed instruction replies. :p

    raehealy Friend

    <em>@raysguitarshop 168502 wrote:</em><blockquote>Used Hostgator for a long time. Good price. Great service. However, once you start getting some serious traffic, expect downtime. The whole “host unlimited websites” and “unlimited bandwidth” comes with some caveats: process and inode limitations. If your site gets Dugg or experiences other surges, you might be in trouble (at least temporarily).

    I personally switched to a Servint VPS and have been extremely happy. They work great with Joomla, WordPress, and just about anything I’ve thrown at them so far. You can get Cpanel and Fantastico for easy installation, too.</blockquote>

    As you can see, I’m very new to this site. In fact, I’ve just spent the last ten minutes vainly searching for the ‘thank you’ button to thank raysguitarshop for his information about Hostgator. Where the heck is it??

    I was considering going to Hostgator as everyone seems to be full of praise about it, but nice to get a different viewpoint although I think it will be a long time before I need to worry about getting surges to my site, unfortunately!

    I will also go look at Servint VPS as I’ve never heard of them.

    Anyway, Thanks!

    jacquelinestarling Friend

    It may not be popular, but I have 25 popular JOOMLA sites on 1 Godaddy account right now. And no problems. I am definitely planning to start to move them though.

    zao dao Friend

    Godaddy’s hosting control panel is not good,i like cpanel or driect admin
    bluehost is an unlimited hosting,that’s not if the sever has too many high traffic sites

    Hawkhost and Froghost is one of the best
    My joomla site in my signature on their host is really stable and fast,and their price is fair.

    imrozz Friend

    i use resellers panel but i dont know if we can host joomla also, will have to check that.

    kasssim Friend

    Go with SITEGROUND for a long time now, amazing service and speed and excellent support!
    no problems at all.

    yellowrain87 Friend

    I’m hosting my Joomla site on GoDaddy’s server. It supports very well and reliable.

    nidhivyas Friend

    Host hosting is best with joolma

    nidhivyas Friend

    It is very simple and quick for joomla application.

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