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  • macthebadazz Friend

    Im attempting to get a flash player in the same spot where “Register Now” would be. What module position is that? I currently have it in “Top”.

    Any Suggestions?

    Link To My Website

    pavit Moderator


    Sorry but i cannot see a Register Now on your website

    Maybe you mean the login module ? then it’s published in position-7

    macthebadazz Friend

    I ment the register link like as shown in the demonstration.

    There’s a “Register Now” link to the right of the header.

    cssyeah Moderator

    @ macthebadazz,

    On our demo, the “Register Now” button is published in “topheader” position. You can publish your flash player to that position.

    Hope this helps.

    macthebadazz Friend

    Thanks!!! Any help with the padding or margins with this module?

    Im almost done and ready to go….sorry for so many questions.

    cssyeah Moderator

    @ macthebadazz,

    I think you should add more top space for player module on your site. Open the template.css file in the “[your root]/templates/ja_events/css/” path and go to about line 730 (You can search the #ja-topheader tag) and replace following CSS properties:

    /* Search ---*/
    #ja-topheader { bottom: 45px; right: 25px; position: absolute;}

    With (remove the bottom positon and add the top position ):

    /* Search ---*/
    #ja-topheader { top: 10px; right: 25px; position: absolute; }

    After that you login the back-end of your site to clear cache of T3v2 and Joomla! cache.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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