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  • aartamonov Friend

    I want template for museum web site, to provide basic information and information about collection, top items etc.
    I also want template for site of scientific journal for social sciences (sociology, rural studies).
    Why not 🙂 ?

    ibewguy Friend

    First off – your templates and support are amazing and I appreciate all the work you have done so far along with the great assistance I have received. If everyone ran their business like Joomlart the world would be a better place;)

    Now – I have read the suggestions and they are all great. My suggestions are based on my desire to limit third party extensions as much as possible. And so I thought about how I go about solving problems and adding functionality and came up with a few ideas:

    Forms: we need flexibility in adding fields and customizing

    Carts: We need an option other than virtuemart – it is to heavy and complex.

    Speed: we need an option to speed up the template load times if possible – perhaps by including options to remove Google font calls and image optimization – including more robust optimization features would be great

    As for a template I would like a minimalist option – something stripped down where we can add modules and jdocs include statements to customize.

    Again – thank you Joomlart!

    riquet0077 Friend

    i’m interested too to a sport club template (swimming club in my case but can be more general) with possibility to manage (in members area)
    members : personal info, fee payment, team ..
    selection to next training/ competition/event and this per team or all club
    control of the exact attendance to this particular event. Of course those event can be uploaded/put in place by trainers in website (not in administrating part)
    possibility to organise some event (how can help for the organisation of next event : list of possible tasks and 1-click choice for the members or their parents.)
    news article (for trainers/leaders) for the members
    results of competitions with records per member
    forum (kunena)
    multimedia content (photo, video,..)
    documentation (wikipedia type on some technical aspect of the sport)
    sponsor area or 1 part of each sheet (rotating)
    contact area (to different member/team of the club)

    gmanelli Friend

    I dream of a box full of bricks you can combine in any manner. I think uber is a good begin. Nowaday you promote an activity or a business, or an association more easily and more quickly with the social networks. An internet site must go deeper. It must offer services, a private interaction, e-market, repository and galleries for photo and documents. It doesn’t represent a business an association or an individual it is the business: trough the site you collect data,you collect subsriptions, u sell good, you inform your community or your customer, you do some administrative work and so on. All those activities could be listed and developed as a stand alone module? Another brick in my wall (excuse me for the musical Quote). Because the less i work on the code, and the less i use third part extension the less i risk a dead end road if something in the enviroment change. A simple, iconic design very useful that could give an easy experience to our customer.
    i apologize for my english, ps in the meanwhile an extension for the new law on cookies in Europe will be very useful

    Phill Moderator

    I need an extension of the template JWall, with a specific structure for homepage. Header, column )Left and right) and the center like the actual blog wall.
    So the template could be very complete. Without or with T3.


    JA Wall was a great template but times have moved on. I too have a site based on JA Wall so looked towards options that would give a continuous scroll ability like wall. JA listened and have a number of templates that allow just that. You will see in some of the templates where there is a category blog style layout that has a "Load More" button at the bottom This in many cases is a selectable option in the back end of the template thanks to some nice JA overrides. You can select to either have a button or simply continue loading exactly like JA Wall. A prime example of this is JA Hotel. Take a look at –

    In the back end you can select to either have that load more button or simply keep scrolling down to load more. That is just one of the template overrides so you have a similar layout to JA Wall coupled with all the normal styles and facilities of a great Joomla template. I’ve used JA Hotel on one of my own projects and once you find these options (which JA should IMHO be shouting about a lot more) it is one of the greats. There is so much hidden we can use which could be better documents or people will miss the stunning work put into it by the devs. Here we could have had multiple versions of the places menu showing the other options. Search many JA templates from JA and you will find hidden little gems like that.

    Phill Moderator

    My biggest concern is security now. Do you offer a safe template? Maybe something with back up capability of monitoring? I have had all of my joomla sites hacked and am having a hard time getting them back up. The forums all seem to point to templates as a back door. Can you make one that is an asset rather than a liability? this is something I am leery of doing through my hosting provider.

    This is a subject close to my heart at the moment having spent a number of wasted days of late dealing with hacked sites. It probably deserves a whole website of its own given how huge a subject it is.

    While I use Joomla a lot I am really a hardware and server guy. I am lucky to work with a team of amazingly talented people who know their stuff inside out in my day job away from JA where I simply help out in my spare time. What this has allowed me to do is with a lot of help identify a number of entry points on many hacked sites over the years. One thing is certain, JA templates are rarely the entry point. What makes people think their template is insecure is simply because the template is the best place for the hacking scumbags to place their code. In Joomla it is a place that they can add code to every displayed page of a site. Entry is normally an extension that has been out of date for a long time. Whether it be because the user has neglected to keep their extensions up to date or because a particular extension has not been coded well, no longer maintained etc are the main causes. When you have been hacked it is very important to understand this then spend time sealing the holes. In addition, when you have been hacked as I am sure you are aware the gits will hide code throughout your Joomla install to catch you out in future.

    If a hacker has really decided to target a site, such as with many banks, Sony, M$, the BBC etc in the last couple of years have then there is nothing you can do to stop them bar having a team constantly working against them. All the big organisations sadly have to pay teams to do just that, monitoring everything 24/7. Fortunately most of us are not targeted in this way. Most hacking scum are simply after an easy ride. We must all take responsibility for maintaining all our extensions , keeping them up to date constantly. We can also use available extensions to help improve our security, extensions such as Akeeba Tools. From the point of JA, they work very hard to keep the catalogue of extensions as secure as possible. If ever you suspect a leak in the security of a JA extension the team will always be more than happy to investigate, simply raise a ticket.

    Laong Duijndam Friend

    A stable Fashion template with Virtuemart

    Best regards Laong

    awvdhorst Friend

    A very simple one to use for simple cheap websites which can be extended with our self bought Joomla extensions.
    So a responsive template with header on top for logo and address rule. A horizontal navigation beneath it or a vertical navigation in a sidebar. A content area and a footer.
    Most templates Joomlart makes are beautiful but to much for simple websites.

    stazzy Friend


    splico123 Friend

    For real estate agencies.
    With convenient filter!


    This would be helpfull, maybe split screen with map/properties, custom layout for jomres, or any other property system out there…. dont think its that hard to do anyhow.

    and for once please make a template with more focus on mobile end of it… like menu systems, search module layouts etc.

    miloica Friend

    JA Mesolite for Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3.

    toto13 Friend

    Hi Everybody,

    It will be very interesting to get a professional template including some social extensions like Easysocial, Easyblog, Joomsocial, … including also Jreviews. It’s impossible to find some user professional user profile sample (for easysocial, cb or jomsocial) and It’s impossible to find some template for Jreviews. Moreover, Jreviews is an amazing extension which you could create and offer an almost infinite number of possibilities. With some Jreviews template, you could squash the competition. Please without K2. Jreviews use Joomla article, modules and plugins. Jreviews can use K2 but it’s not interesting and limited. If it’s possible with dark and light theme to let the choice. I think it could make your day.

    Best regards,

    darengr Friend

    ecommerce/virtuemart with product filtering module (as in ebay, amazon, etc) and impressive product details with product zoom

    kerasamui Friend
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    italpascal Friend

    I have been looking for a template that could be something related to database searches – similar to a real estate website that has a lot of database information – but would also be flexible for others like an internal database for local access at work, with a nice and functional interface. An accessible template would also be great ?

    Yes, a database with possibility to filter, definitely complete any template. I hope very much that you realize with Joomlart

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