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    I have tried upgrading my Magz template, but it only ruins all my custom settings (deletes positions, resets layouts, overwrites css files etc).

    Is there any way I can upgrade without having to start over with everything again – e.g. only upload files essential to the template upgrade?

    thank you!


    pavit Moderator


    You can use custom.css file to make all your customizations
    Take a look at it HERE

    aztrid Friend

    Yes, I can also just backup my css files and upload them after updating the template. But what about custom module positions, the layout I built using the layout manager etc?

    My slide show also disappears after updating.

    What I really need to know is: Which files are critical to perform the update? I shall upload those manually and omit the ones that will screw up my layout. Otherwise, it is just too much work 🙂


    swissa Friend

    This is an interesting topic so hope no-one minds if I join in…..

    If you only do css changes then I do the same as @pavit. Use custom.css ( + I always keep a copy locally ).

    If I intend to alter the layouts, add code etc then I do things another way.

    Once I’ve decided what layout I want to play with in the backend Template Manager I clone the layout and style and call it e.g. swissa-corporate. I can edit and play with this. Now I have a template that won’t get overwritten.

    If I play with the blocks then I clone them and new names e.g. swissa-one-sidebar-right.php and edit my swissa-corporate.php file to reflect that. So both the templates and the blocks are all swissa specific. That simple.

    Obviously do lots of akeeba backups along the way. On an upgrade either view the change log that is always there or use diffmerge to see what is new.

    Not the only way to do it so would be interested in how others approach it.

    aztrid Friend

    Swissa, I like your procedure! In lack of an update method that preserves your personal settings, this one seems fairly simple and thorough. I shall immedialtely try it 🙂

    Thanx ^_^

    aztrid Friend

    UPDATE: I went to do these changes, and all of a sudden, my template says it is running the latest version – and nothing has changed in the frontend!

    So weird (unless someone from the Joomlart team went and updated it, in that case: Thank you :-))

    Nazario A Friend


    Here is our link update of JA Magz:

    You can compare between the old and new version to see which files will be edited, which files are new.

    Hope this helps

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