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    I just would like to make a post to say that translation of JB is an very hard and long work …

    At the beginning, I tried to translate one file .ini by one file,
    but the main problem is that each translation depends of the context,
    and even if the first translation is made with carefulness,
    it’s necessary to change most of used words.

    In fact the must difficult thing is to understand in which file contain the text that we need to translate,
    and some time I find that it’s not very logic.

    Example 1 : # 4.7 MY JOB POSTS in com_jajobboard

    I want to translate the cloning of Jobs, so I find :”DUPLICATE FROM JOB=” and I translate.
    But why “COPY OF=” is not there ?

    So I search in com_jajobboard with “Ctrl F”, nothing,
    so I search in others .ini, nothing
    so I try to copy “COPY OF=….” in each .ini, and look each time on the site : but no changes …,
    so each time I delete my changes in each ini files …

    Example 2 : For the Job seeker profil

    I want to translate “Do you want to remove image ?”

    So I go in “com_jajobboard” and search with Ctrl F : “Do you want to remove image”, nothing …

    So I look (always in com_jajobboard) : # III JOB SEEKER, and I see : PHOTO=
    Why “Do you want to remove image” is not there ???

    So like in the first example : search and copy in all .ini, look in the site but no changes, delete …

    Now I have almost finished to translate all the frontend (except these two examples),
    and surely some omissions, but I would like to say that it take a lot of time to make the work.

    May be that I am alone in this case, and may be developers proceed differently,
    (if so I’d like to know what) … but for me this work of translation take 80% of my time for the project that I want to make.

    I don’t want to speak ill of JB because it’s really a very very good work, but I don’t like to waste my time like this.

    I hope that you will understand my post, and if you could say to me how to translate the two examples above, this would save my time.

    Best regards

    lucine Friend

    Well I have understanded my mistakes …,
    I have lost a lot of information by copying the jajobboard.ini.
    So first of all sorry for the post above to all Joomlart team !!!
    I think that I need to sleep a little bit !!!
    But it’s not easy to live at European time and then live at Vietnam Time (6 hours of difference) in a same day,
    so I can’t sleep and work 20 hours by day since sevarals weeks, so I make big mistakes !!!

    Sorry again and long life to JB

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi Lucine,

    It is nice to hear that from you. I have also added language file for you so that you can go to language file to translate whenever you want to.

    By the way, have a good nap.

    lucine Friend

    Yes I’ll try … !
    Thanks you so much, as usual you do a remarkable job.
    I have order for a new host, so I’ll buy JB in a few days.
    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice day !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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