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    I’m trying to understand where to translate this follow text string “No Item found!” but can not find it anywhere.

    I hope to be clear

    thank’s in advance for the answer


    alexsmirnov Friend

    Hi Fabio,

    To provide to each of your three questions a due care and support, I hope you don’t mind my leaving in this thread only the first one. Please create for the two remaining questions a separate thread for each one.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

    Could you please post here a screenshot with the “No Item found!” label for me to have a look at?



    xfabiox Friend

    ok sorry for asking too many questions at the same time

    I would like to change the text “No Item found!” with “Soon as possible!” the text comes out when do not find anything in the assigned brand like Ao Cm Stockholm or DRMTM


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    2. Schermata-2014-04-15-alle-09.57.54
    alexsmirnov Friend

    In your Joomla backend control panel please go to Extensions -> Language Manager -> Overrides -> New.

    In the opened to you “Language Manager: Edit Override” page, on the right hand side find the “Search” button (see my screenshot below)

    enter “No Item” or “No Item Found” into the “Search” field above this button and click on the “Search” button.

    In response you should see the “Search Results” list popping up underneath the “Search” knob, like on my screenshot below:

    Find the string you need to translate, point your mouse on it and left-click it. In response to your click the string’s key and translatable text should immediately show up in the “Language Constant *” and the “Text” fields respectively, like on my screenshot below:

    Translate the text in the “Text” field as you like:

    click “Save” and you now should be good to go.

    Hope this helps



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