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    <em>@seandiggins 50065 wrote:</em><blockquote>Yes, the inclusion and alteration of a third party component is part of the problem.
    But the real issue here is the lack of communication between JA and its customers.

    Avian 2 is a gallery. RSGallery is the dominant feature of the site. The gallery is BROKEN and no one from JA seems to be dealing with this major issue. At least, we are not being told if anyone is actually working on this problem. We are left in the dark. We were promised a fixed version “tomorrow” (on 28 March, nearly a month ago), but it has not arrived. Instead we get …..<silence>……

    Three things should happen:

    1. Fix the gallery
    2. If the gallery cannot be fixed, replace it with a better gallery component
    3. Communicate the status with purchasers of the template


    A better gallery.. please take a look at Expose gallery ( originally

    andrew40 Friend

    RSGallery is now at RSGallery2 2.0.0 beta1, what changes do we need to do to incorporate into avian II


    andreipopel Friend

    Please, could you help us, let’s get rid of legacy mode, there is a RSGallery for joomla1.5, what modifications should we make in order to obtain a decent avian WORKING website?

    andrew40 Friend

    C’mon guys, support covers the whole portfolio which includes JA Avian. If it can’t be fixed remove it, if it can upgrade the gallery or replace it.

    What changes did you make to the original, so we can make them to the latest to incorporate?

    We need to bring this up to date very quickly….

    vslgrease Friend

    Looks like I’m in the same boat with the JA Avian template RSGallery for Joomla 1.5. I see the last post was 1-25-09. Has there been any resolution? or did I just buy something that I can’t even use?

    ccmalken Friend

    Got the same problem vslgrease.. I just took a 3rd party addon, but it not the same

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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