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  • mirakel12 Friend

    When is the new version coming? The RS gallery bugs are just too many to accept. As many other I purchased the JA template just because of the gallery. Now I am stuck with a template that doesn’t work which is unfortunate.

    babyzsmile Friend

    <em>@itgl72 48447 wrote:</em><blockquote>Thats very brave of you. But arent the posts in the forum enough to get started?</blockquote>

    Any new updates on this error as this error is really annoying.

    seandiggins Friend

    not to mention expensive (wasted hours) and also embarrassing when showing to clients.


    staruk Friend

    [FONT=”Verdana”]I am trying to upload my zip file of my photographs and every time I try the file upload everything appears to go smoothly no error reports but do not appear on my page. I did empty my cache log out and back in again still no photographs

    I am using Joomla 1.5 (quick install version)
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
    Adobe Photoshop CS3


    Can anyone offer some help please. 😀

    Thank you in advance[/FONT]

    itgl72 Friend

    <em>@lmlloyd 46186 wrote:</em><blockquote>

    …..When this happens, the navigation controls at the bottom of the individual gallery pages will stop working properly. So, if you want the page navigation to work properly, you have to make sure to only order items by the order field in the actual image properties, not with the arrows.</blockquote>

    I have totally disabled the slider from being a linkable click. It just slides and displays pictures randomly each time the page is refreshed. I could live with that for now, until I just realized the problem I discovered while testing the site’s gallery with my wife.

    At first I thought it was just her being a block head using the computer again, but she wasnt, we discovered the same issue lmlloyd describes above.

    I was in the gallery re-ordering pictures in the properties of each image and using the up and down arrows on the list of images for the gallery. This does something to the page numbers inside the gallery when going from individual picture to individual picture. The page numbers do not work right. You can click on page 49 thinking 50 is on the next page and you can end up with page 61 being the next page. Its a total mess and lmlloyd did a better job of explaining it than I can because as a customer and quasi web developer I am exasperated and tired of working with this product.

    I’m sure JA developers curse the day they ever decided to implement RS Gallery but now they are in bed with it and we are tied to them as customers demanding resolution.

    I think now if I want to keep using this product I am going to have to DELETE the hours of work I have already done with the gallery and pictures. RE-UPLOAD and remember NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING if I want picture page pagination to work.

    I’m very uneasy about using this product right now and its not even for a business but for a family site.

    I wish there was another option for implementing a picture gallery within joomla but this template was the only one that seemed it had potential.

    seandiggins Friend

    JA, please advise your customers on the status of this problem



    lmlloyd Friend

    <em>@itgl72 48783 wrote:</em><blockquote>
    I think now if I want to keep using this product I am going to have to DELETE the hours of work I have already done with the gallery and pictures. RE-UPLOAD and remember NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING if I want picture page pagination to work.</blockquote>

    You don’t have to delete your work! That is what I did the first time I had this problem, and then when everything got all messed up again, I decided to figure out what it was doing. As I say in more detail in my earlier post, if you just do a straight dump of the SQL DB, that will show you the order the slider thinks they should be in, and you can fix it by putting them in that order. You can also fix the navigations at the bottom of the page by just reordering them as I describe in my earlier post.

    It is really annoying that we have to deal with this, and even more annoying that the ordering feature is completely useless, but you don’t have to go as far as deleting everything and starting over from scratch. I really wish that support would speak up and at least acknowledge that they have read these messages, and understand what is going wrong, so we would have some hope of a fix beyond just having to manually reorder everything constantly to match the DB.

    aawdj Friend

    I’ve presented this to a customer and I raved about Joomla Art templates……Please fix it before I have to eat my words!!!

    itgl72 Friend

    <em>@aawdj 49323 wrote:</em><blockquote>I’ve presented this to a customer and I raved about Joomla Art templates……Please fix it before I have to eat my words!!!</blockquote>

    Sorry Pal, hope your hungry. We’ve been waiting for a while our selves 🙁

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi all.
    Because I often busy, so cann’t read all thread here. When someone have problems, plz pm me, i will try to help. I think Itgl71, starUK,marginy,.. who pm me before, I helped them everything i can, and seem everything is okie.
    Plz pm me.

    seandiggins Friend


    Thanks for the offer, but what is actually needed here is communication between JA and JA’s customers.

    I paid for a functioning gallery template, not a broken gallery which I cannot present to my customers.

    I want to know if anyone from JA is working on the problems with the gallery. A fixed version was promised by Hung Dinh but it did not arrive and he offered no further explanation. Why? Hung Dinh needs to react to this problem.



    jsperl Friend

    Part of the problem here is that JA has modified the code, and though it was with noble intentions, what has been created is a component for which nobody will claim responsibility. The original developers certainly aren’t going to support it as it has been modified by a third party, and JA has hinted they are not obligated to support it because it’s not their program (though they profit from marketing it as part of their template). Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. While I commend the annoucement to try and fix the bugs, I think JA needs to go all the way and take full ownership of this component…since it is an integral part of the package they charge for, they are fully obligated to support it. I hope that is the realization they are coming to and that they will follow through with the fixes.

    seandiggins Friend

    Yes, the inclusion and alteration of a third party component is part of the problem.
    But the real issue here is the lack of communication between JA and its customers.

    Avian 2 is a gallery. RSGallery is the dominant feature of the site. The gallery is BROKEN and no one from JA seems to be dealing with this major issue. At least, we are not being told if anyone is actually working on this problem. We are left in the dark. We were promised a fixed version “tomorrow” (on 28 March, nearly a month ago), but it has not arrived. Instead we get …..<silence>……

    Three things should happen:

    1. Fix the gallery
    2. If the gallery cannot be fixed, replace it with a better gallery component
    3. Communicate the status with purchasers of the template



    Peter Konstantakos Friend

    I agree this issue needs to be addressed. I am working on 2 sites for 2 large companies and they want to shut off the voting and other user interfaces. i turn the off in the admin but they still appear.

    This needs to be addressed. I have been a developer for over 2 years and I am starting to be a little disappointed in Joomlart.

    itgl72 Friend

    This company needs to stop selling AVIAN as a working product. With every user that gets on to use it, more support requests come in, and more unhappy customers.

    Next we as consumers have the right to voice our opinion in customer reviews and testimonials. This is how companies sink or swim. I have been very patient, and I think I have not been unreasonable.

    But this is a bad situation for JA and in time they may realize that it will hurt their company.

    I’m saddened to say such a thing but its the truth.

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