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    If I have posted jobs and they are expired, how can I see as an employer that a job has been expired and how can I renew the job for a new period. In my account I have jobs to place but there is no button to renew the job.


    HeR0 Friend

    Dear Tim,

    Employer can create a new job instead of editing the expired jobs. If not, it will cause to the statistics of the whole system.


    timmieboy Friend

    Ok, thank you I am getting more dissapointed about the system, it is not made for functionality but for difficulty. I think you have to look at how employers and jobseekers are looking at the system.

    HeR0 Friend

    No, when an employer goes to his job, he can clone the existed one to a new one!

    timmieboy Friend

    Ok, but it there a way to renew the job because I use the system with 30 days jobs but not all my customers want to renew there job every 30 days, they just want is to stay on the site for 90 days. How can I set this up so I can have employers that can add a job for 30 days and employers that want a job for 90 days.

    HeR0 Friend

    Dear Tim,

    If you let Employer to set the expired date for any job, please go to component setting and disable Use General Configure For Posting Expire , then enable ( show ) expired field in the post new job form on front end.

    Please look these screenshots for more details:

    Hope this helps.

    timmieboy Friend

    Hi Hero,

    Thank you but what does it do, can an employer fill in an expiry date by himself (so this can be 100 or 200 days) or does this mean that an employer has the possibility to fill in a expire date and if he does not use it that the job will expire automatically after 30 days (my standard expire date setting).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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