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  • bward Friend

    On the bottom of the front page there is a small plus sign that changes the colors. How do I remove that function from the frontend? THanks for the help.

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi bward !
    You go to admin >> extensions >> templates manager >> select koniga template, on right panel , you select no display in Display template tool select box then save page.

    bward Friend

    I am running 1.0 and do not have the Admin option. I ahev looked for the option that you showed but cannot find it. THank you for your help.

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi bward !
    Please open params.ini file in templates/ja_koniga folder, change value of usertool to “0”


    bward Friend

    Also, cannot find that file, there is no ini file there or in any folder… 🙁

    Sherlock Friend

    in joomla 1.0, please edit index.php (templatesja_koniga folder)
    search this line:

    # Enable users option
    $ja_tool = 3; // 0: 0: disable all; 1: font tool; 2: color tool; 3: font + color;

    you can change as you want (example 3 to 1)

    bward Friend

    Ok, that did it, THANK YOU!!! – ok new quirk though, occasionally the other colors pop in, even on a refresh. The template I want is pink, but after posting some videos, the bottom part of the template is grass, on of the other template options. Is there a way to emilinate all of the other color options?

    Sherlock Friend

    Can you give us your live URL, any screenshot or more details of the problem will be helpful

    bward Friend

    I seem to be having trouble refreshing the screen. The URL is http://www.sweetanticipation .com. From other computers it looks fine, from my work station, it shows up half green on the bottom, pick on the top. I have deleted my website histroy and cleared my cache a few times, even rebooted, cold, still it shows up wrong. Please take a look, let me know how it appreas to you, then give me some direction on how to clear it on my end, thank you very much!

    Sherlock Friend

    in my computer, your site is okie

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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