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    I was absent for the past month and see that iJoomla and JomSocial are now part of the Joomlart biz. Congrats. I am curious as to why iJoomla and JomSocial members get free access to JA Builder Pro and Joomlart template club members do not. Seems unfair especially considering the last template was in April and I see no update on a new template for May. We pay for Admin template and now for Builder Pro as well? Maybe I’m missing something? I know you are busy updating templates for 3.7 and this takes time but we are paid JATC members.

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    You can check the Benefits of Joomlart user Here.
    However JA Builder Pro already free for JATC members you can download and use JA builder on your site.
    For the template updates Yes the team is very busy in the updating of the template as u know its how much important to update them first, once this update was done, you will get an update for new templates.
    Kindly follow ur blog posts for latest news and updates.


    aardcom Friend

    Thanks Pankaj, but I was already aware of the benefits which is the reason for my comment. Joomlart members get discounts, which is awesome, but iJoomla and JomSocial members get free PagBuilder Pro. We are paying for a membership to get templates, which are not forthcoming or announced.

    I do see that Builder has been rebranded as Pro and Premium form regular builder and Pro which was part of the confusion re who gets access to what. I’d still like to see 12 templates for the template club members who paid for 12 templates. If we are moving to JA Builder and no templates then lets state that this is the plan. I have a renewal coming up and I really want to know where we are headed so I know what to purchase.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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