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  • crossix JATC

    Hi guys, would you please help to modify Purity template menu bar?

    1: i want the logo position to be in the very left of the screen
    2-i want to man menu disable on navbar and only use it on OFFcanvas
    3-want the canvas to be in the right side

    see the screenshot for what i want to accomplish
    thank your help

    1. menubar
    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    The menu is defined in the template folder /tpls/blocks/mainav.php file
    You can remove the menu call or add below code in custom.css file to hide the menu


    For the other changes, you can customise the header.php file and use custom style code to add your own style code.


    crossix JATC

    there is no mainav.php on blocks

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Sorry, its only header.php file and the code for the menu is defined in the same file.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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