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    I’ve got two issues popping up with the Ja-News mod.

    1.) I can create a new section and category — Go into the news mod and add that category to the list to show on the front page and nothing will display. (Yes, everything is set to public)

    2.) I have one category that will show 1 article, but when I add new articles into that category they do not show up on the main page.

    3.) Scroller not working with SEF

    Xenia II — Using the quickstart install.

    kfloegel Friend

    Hi, as has been already described by another user here:

    the title links and read more button links don’t work with the turned on SEO option and the additonal installed sh404sef component.

    I will leave the live site switched on for a while: It is a longing project now and should be ready at 2009 …

    Joomla: Version 1.0.15
    JA Xenia II Shopping: Version 2.0
    JA-News: Version 1.1.2
    sh404sef: Version 1.3.4

    When you klick on the title of the first news in the first round the link works. After the rotating to the next news any further link is broken or not “translated” in the seo mode and the syntax.

    Have anybody an idea or fix for that phenomen? :confused:

    Many thanks in advance.

    kfloegel Friend

    …unfortunately I received no answer. I switched off SEO and the seh component, but the template errors within the JA News module are still visible …

    Have anybody an idea what that is now? Is there another component or module interfering and causing the display errors?

    I will keep the work site space alive for another couple of hours …

    Many thanks in advance.

    liotru Friend

    please help me about..
    o suggest me something similar
    ja-news seems not working good with sh404SEF
    look the web site
    I had also problems with footer on Mozilla
    thanks in advance

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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