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  • Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    This is what we say is positive criticism. Speak up guys, we are listening. This is the kind of feedback that matters the most.

    The whole team is watching this thread and be assured everyone’s reply here will be acknowledged and replied to. I can say that this template is dead, but that would stop the feedbacks and looking at the userbase we have, the current feedback so far (though respected), does not represent everyone. So, let the feedback coming in and we will do what any sensible / responsible team would do.


    COO, JoomlArt

    TomC Moderator

    Wow … Such "constructive" criticisms by many of you above.

    I can understand many opinions expressed above – the template is fairly limited in it’s overall scope.

    Nevertheless, does hurling insults – rather than simply expressing CONSTRUCTIVE criticism – make you all feel better about yourselves? How about providing mature and constructive SUGGESTIONS rather than flinging mud at the JoomlArt Developers, m’kay?

    rwlfr Friend

    Agree with what the other members said… Pokemon template seriously ?
    When "Intranet" was released, I thought "Ok, why not, maybe some members asked for it".
    But Pokemon…

    People need useful templates. Music templates (when did a Music template has been released for the last time ?), Magazines templates, Blogging templates; Culture…

    I really hope the next templates for the coming months will be better, especially in September / October.

    vecdom Friend

    Give these guys a break!

    Are we developers or just bought a dev account?

    I doubt anyone ever used any template by just switching a logo.

    Content is always our own.

    Things I look at are extensions styled, module styling and layouts.

    In my experience template purpose "intranet", "Pokemon", "medical" are just names and don’t necessarily dictate usage.

    In agreement with others tho when it comes to further development of ACM and Uber – maybe making all layouts created for individual templates come with ACM?

    Hopefully increased support do K2? – even though it may no longer be "needed", a lot of the old sites are running on it so switching to new templates would be a huge undertaking – in my case well over 150 websites. K2 support would be make my membership more usable.

    Just my 2 cents…

    David Steadson Friend

    on a side note – no longer supporting Jomsocial, just EasySocial?

    wellsmall Friend

    Businesses aren’t the only ones using Joomlart. I was really excited to see this template. I don’t know that I have time to set up a site like this, but I wish I did! Everyone’s playing Pokémon Go. Adding ads would even help make this a money-making template. Sports isn’t any more "business" than Pokémon Go, but there are already sports news templates available, this is new and it’s the big thing now, I don’t think we need another sports themed template, but that’s just me. I’d just like more variety from Joomlart and this would be a great start. If a Pokémon template came out before the Pokémon Go game, I’d say I know it’s popular, but not a site I’d ever make. Pokémon Go totally changes my view and I would personally want to use it if I had the time. We’ve even seen a realtor use Pokémon Go to draw people to open houses, if a lot of Pokémon are showing up at an open house they’re putting on, they’ll post on Facebook to let people know. Thumbs up from me.

    briansaid Friend

    Excellent template! I know it’s just for specific audience but it turns to be incredible usefull.
    Is it going to be developed finally? I want to buy it!

    notfound JATC

    Any copyright and trademark concerns?

    slepoy Friend

    Does "Pokedex" will include all pokemons or only few for demo?

    tom_laan84 Friend

    This is such bullshit indeed. I dont pay for professional templates and get crapware like this!!

    So dissapointed in JA that i had to reply on my honeymoon on the other side of the world

    mediaoff Friend

    This is absolutely ridiculous!

    It is great that the whole team is reading this! You might be able to explain why you never listened to your customers when they already expressed what they want (that useless poll from January 22, 2016):

    [POLL] Vote for your favorite upcoming JOOMLA templates

    What are your votes for the upcoming templates of JoomlArt?

    Uber template with simple solutions and different styles / customizations / animations (39%, 127 Votes)

    Responsive templates with practical display and solutions (36%, 120 Votes)

    Magazine/News template (24%, 79 Votes)

    And now we get Pokemon – Great!

    creativeint Friend

    There is no template from Yootheme this month while they bring in warp 8, rockettheme is a month behind and now Joomlart – my last hope for a fresh commercial template gives me……POKEMON.

    What is up with you people?

    In between template companies taking a leave of their senses and never ending updates from Joomla themselves, updates to fix updates FFS, my business is getting harder and harder to run.

    I appreciate you have done great work updating older templates to work with 3.6.2, and that must have left less time for development, but seriously guys – play with Pokemon on your own time. Or not at all. Not all would be good.

    gehonline Developer

    at the moment I have no idea for what my customer I should use this template.

    For me Uber is an absolute brilliant template, more of that, please.

    This is my opinion.


    Arvind Chauhan Moderator


    The first post of this thread has been modified and JA Pokemon Template stand cancelled. We appreciate the feedback we have received and as said in my earlier replies here, we stand with our members.

    We have few options to choose from and please vote for the same HERE.



    okiud Friend

    I stopped renewing my membership because of themes like this one. Joomlart (and other template providers) are not creating interesting things… Gavick is another template provider that in the last few years is creating terrible themes…

    and add that to the fact that Joomla is "dying"….

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