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    I believe this issue is found in Windows 8:

    When an employer downloads a PDF resume summary that is created by JA Job Board, that resume includes a link to download the applicant’s resume. However, in Windows 8, there appears to be a problem where they are not allowed to open two instances of the PDF reader. This means that the link to the actual resume does not work and does nothing. This is potentially a HUGE problem. Here is the problem explained:

    Is it possible to simply have the employer download the resume itself, and not JA Job Board’s created PDF file?

    If not, what other solution is there, as this will impact a lot of people!

    brentwilliams2 Friend

    UPDATE: I have found out that this may not be the exact problem. I tested with my client an application that had a docx resume, and she was unable to open that one up, either. She also said she is using Adobe Reader, but I was unable to verify.

    I know this is very vague, and I wish I had more details, but is the application system working within Windows 8 in general? If so, I can try to troubleshoot her specific system better.

    HeR0 Friend

    Dear Brent,

    We have just updated this bug fixed on the new version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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