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  • janguditz Friend

    I cant figure out how or if it is at all possible to open a rss link in new window.

    jooservices Friend

    Would you mind give me your site URL with which module position / link you want to use as new window click.
    Thank you
    Viet Vu

    janguditz Friend
    #411497 (this is still a developement site)

    JA News Ticker Module in top panel (template- JA Methys)

    with current RSS feed from:



    rickozoid2 Friend


    Was a solutions found to this as I too would like to get my rss feed to open in a new window

    trungnq Friend


    Please try to follow this solution:

    1. Open file templatesja_teline_ivhtmlmod_janewstickerdefault.php

    2. Around line 43. And add this code target=”_blank” as in this screenshot

    rickozoid2 Friend

    I’m on JA Rave so the file location was slightly different but principle was the same – my file location was

    /modules/mod_janewsticker/tmpl/defa ult.php

    Thankyou Quartermain TR

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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