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    In the instructions, it says to set the menu assignment to “On all pages” for the menu module. But I don’t want this module showing up in different areas of my site, only in the jobs section. I have selected all the job-related menu items, but it doesn’t show up when digging into any of the different parts of the component. Can you explain what setting I need to have for this type of module to show up on all job-related menu items?


    HeR0 Friend

    Hi Brentwilliams2,

    Please look at , you could set up the module to Only show on selected pages then select the menus which are pointing to job pages.


    brentwilliams2 Friend

    Hi Hero,
    I understand basic Joomla module assignments, but I now realize the situation. I had clicked on an employer detail, but there is no menu item for that type of page, so the module wasn’t assigned to it. I will look into it further.

    HeR0 Friend


    Please look thread . Hope it can helps.


    brentwilliams2 Friend

    Hi Hero,
    I’ve used invisible menus before, but I think it is more a question of how the modules work in relation to the URL structure. For example, if you look at the demo site for JA Jobs and see the job “Computer Programmer III” on the front page latest jobs module, the link structure is this:

    But if you click on the Jobs menu item at the top and find the same “Computer Programmer III” job on that page, the link structure is different:

    The module links do not appear to tie to one fundamental menu item as the foundation for the link structure.

    Of course, I could be missing something entirely in the settings, so please let me know if I’m just not understanding.

    HeR0 Friend

    Hi Brentwilliams2,

    Yes, i see that issue. Please be patient, I am forwarding it to Dev Team and hopefully they will update fix in the next version.


    brentwilliams2 Friend

    Thanks, Hero.

    melanieb Friend

    Hi did you ever find a solution to this?

    I too have a problem in than the filters and other job related menu modules do not display on the different pages of the jobs board component unless I select Show on all pages in the Module Manager of Joomla. My site isn’t just a bob board, and has lots of unrelated content where it is not appropriate to display filter jobs etc. I have tried setting it to Show on all pages except those selected, but soon as I do this (and even with no menu items selected for exclusion) it stops displaying them on the job board pages.

    Can you please share how you rectified it? Or can a moderator please let me know how I correct this?

    Kind regards

    brentwilliams2 Friend

    Although it’s only been 3 months since I worked on this, I can’t remember exactly. I could be wrong, but I think part of the problem was that some links in the system didn’t have an ItemId, so it would not use the menu item, but rather a component link. (See the two link examples from my post earlier). So I worked on several links in the site to include a menu itemid, which then would pull in the modules for that menu item. I could be wrong though…

    melanieb Friend

    Hi Brent,

    thanks for responding. Did you add the itemid links to the database or from within Joomla? It doesn’t seem right us having to do it this way. I just tried opening one of the job view pages and copied and pasted the link into a new menu item as follows:

    But still nothing.

    I will post a new thread in the forums to see if a moderator can help me out.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and glad yours is working

    brentwilliams2 Friend

    Hi Melanie,
    A good example of what I’m talking about can be found in views/jaapplications/tmpl/myapplications.php. In that file, you will find this line:

    <a class="button" href ="<?php echo JRoute::_('index.php?option='. JBCOMNAME .'&layout=jalist&view=jajobs&Itemid=131'); ?>" ><?php echo JText::_("SEARCH_AND_APPLY"); ?></a>

    If I remember right, clicking that link will take you to a page that isn’t tied to any menu item. So I had to change it to this in order to be tied to a menu item. The 79 is the menu id for my main jobs page. Now that it is tied to a menu item, it will show modules associated with that menu item.

    <a class="button" href ="<?php echo JRoute::_('index.php?option='. JBCOMNAME .'&layout=jalist&view=jajobs&Itemid=79'); ?>" ><?php echo JText::_("SEARCH_AND_APPLY"); ?></a>

    Does that help at all? Feel free to PM me your website and I’ll take a look.

    HeR0 Friend

    Thanks Brent for your sharing. @melanie you can change as Brent’s post. It is the goodsolution for your case.

    We are in progress to develop the component and this issue might be added to coming release.

    melanieb Friend

    Hi Brent and Hero,

    thanks for responding. I have gone to the file you suggested and tried changing the id to that of the page where my jobs are listed with the tabs (this is a content page that uses load position – does that make a difference?)

    I also tried the menu id for the joblist (I created a new menu link, selected joblist and used the id it created) but that didn’t work either. I am guessing I have missed something?

    When I open the actual job page for a specific job and look at the url, it shows as:

    When I browsed the server the jajobs folder does not exist in that location – see attached image of what is available in the specified path: component/jajobboard/

    Could that be the problem?

    I will send you a link to my site if that helps. Thanks once again for responding, its most appreciated.

    Hero, when might the new release/update be that overcomes this issue?

    1. jajbmissing
    HeR0 Friend

    <blockquote>I will send you a link to my site if that helps. Thanks once again for responding, its most appreciated.

    Hero, when might the new release/update be that overcomes this issue?</blockquote>

    – Ok, pm me with your site info and the url where you want to change Itemid then i will help.
    – This issue will be fixed in coming releases for sure but i can not tag the exact date for it and it would be better if i help you get it fixed for you first.

    melanieb Friend

    Hi Hero and Brent.

    Thanks to you both for helping me with this.

    Brent PMd me with some questions that got me probing into the way I have structured the job board menu links, and now I have solved that issue. Brent – you are a STAR – thanks so much :laugh: Sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees

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