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    hi, now Microsoft Translator API changed the website and the keys, now there are 2 different keys and the web site is so i have to change the version of component? i have a joomla 2.5


    Luna Garden Moderator

    Hi Eureka,

    Please give us some time to check further. This is Microsoft problem so you don’t have to update anything.

    eureka2 Friend

    no, now there are 2 different keys (see the attachment) i tried both but the component doesn’t work

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    Luna Garden Moderator


    As Microsoft Translator API changed the website and the keys, they also changed the Library, so JA Multilingual uses old Library and haven’t updated yet.
    We’ll try to update this component to make it compatible with new Library.

    eureka2 Friend

    will be compatible with joomla 2.5 and do you think that will it take many days? i have to check this page for update?

    thanks a lot

    Luna Garden Moderator

    Kindly follow our blog post for update news.

    Thank you!

    eureka2 Friend

    still nothing?

    Luna Garden Moderator


    To be frank, we’re working full time on updating our large collections of templates to J3.7. Once done, we will start working on it, pls stay tuned.

    7of9 Friend

    Hi guys,

    Any estimation on that?

    Thank you in advance.

    webgruppodigi Friend

    Hello everyone!
    I have several sites that I install and multilingual that I find fantastic 😉

    Forgive my English!

    I do not want to stress you 😉 but think that it takes a long time to make it compatible with the latest version of joomla! ?

    Luna Garden Moderator


    The team have plan for new translator system so please stay tune for our blog post for updated news.

    Thank you.

    webgruppodigi Friend

    To what point are we synchronizing with the new Azure? I should install the component on several sites but i would not use microsoft translator

    rcheesley Friend
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    Luna Garden Moderator


    At this time, we’re still researching about new Azure Service, we made a demo and will try to finished this project soon.

    For temporary, you can use Google Translate, as we know Azure Service also request Subscription to use Translator function.

    rcheesley Friend

    Using Google may not be an option for many, as they charge from the beginning, whereas Bing has a free tier until you hit a certain threshold.

    There would be financial implications if people switch over to Google Translate.

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