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    I have a problem with latest news module in sidebar. Display articles from first category but don’t display articles from subcategory.


    article in sitename/category1 -> will be display
    article in sitename/category1/subcategory1 -> will not display

    How can I solve?

    Thank you very much

    timtecsa Friend

    Have you included the sub category in the Latest News module ? See screen grab below.


    1. latestnewsmod
    imported_lorenzoadorni Friend

    I have to include all subcategory manually?

    There is no way to include subcategory automatically by including category?


    timtecsa Friend

    I don’t see any way to include sub categories automatically in module so I guess you’ll need to add them manually. I know I have done so on similar Teline V template news sites.


    imported_lorenzoadorni Friend

    Tank you Tim,

    My question start from the fact that "most read" module, with the inclusion of category can also display article from subcategory. Without including each subcategory. So, I have suppose that "latest post" could do something similar…

    timtecsa Friend

    If you have an install from quickstart which includes JA demo content you’ll see 4 different modules whose title starts with ‘Most …’ A search shows them as the screen grab below. Which module are you referring to ?

    Update: I just looked at a Teline v site and see that the Most Read modules is using the module type: ‘Articles-Category’ which includes an option to include child categories (see screen grab). I guess you could use this module type for both Most Read and Latest Posts.

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    1. 4mostread
    2. most-hits
    3. subcats
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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