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    google is good for keyword research, but another one if keyword discovery. Anchor text is also a great way to get juice for your keywords.

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    <em>@jdmabby 168328 wrote:</em><blockquote>google is good for keyword research, but another one if keyword discovery. Anchor text is also a great way to get juice for your keywords.</blockquote>

    That’s misleading. Keywords for adsense and keywords for SEO can be different. My targeted adsense keywords can be ‘blue pen’ but SEO keywords could be ‘blue pen with caps’.

    Anchor text are good for SEO keywords, but has nothing to do with adsense.

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    Right you are. But that was just a tip. As this is tips keyword linking for seo

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    do you know if there is any thing about how seo helps in web desiging and web development business?

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    I use article submission for link building and I find manual submission is very time consuming. So instead, I use paid services like isnare for my articles, their services are cheap. I submit one article with them and they take care of the rest by submitting my article to hundreds of other sites. However, all that said, link or no link there is nothing like original unique content on your own site and that’s google philosophy to better ranking.

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    Never a good idea to submit one articles to hundreds of directories. Just like you said, the big G much prefer unique content.

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    I usually submit an article to the 3-4 top directories.

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    good tips – however, be aware of the fact that a lot of article directories do not allow you to pepper the article with links. If you use this technique on your blog or website, be careful not to dilute the pages PR by linking out to too many other internal pages of your site.

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    this is all good information but is this still the best way for seo. does it rank on google like say link building.

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    This seems very true, let me implement this method to a few of my blogs and see how well it will work out.
    J Mac

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    Hi everybody,

    I have checked some of email marketing campaign softwares, and want to share that experience with you, if interested in. It really proves to be successful and efficient when doing business.

    best regards,
    John S.

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    <em>@weeclop 168509 wrote:</em><blockquote>this is all good information but is this still the best way for seo. does it rank on google like say link building.</blockquote>

    Unique articles on a few good article directories like ezine and goarticles help greatly in seo. blog commenting and forum posting are good too, just don’t spam with useless information…

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    hey thanks for the isnare tip. looks like a good site! 🙂

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    The Google keyword tool is an excellent resource to ferret out what you think the right “keyword” or “keyword phrase” is and what it really is. Use this tool to its full advantage. Its also free.

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    <em>@renzel32 166442 wrote:</em><blockquote>Just by linking keywords in your articles or blog to similar targeted pages in your website. Let’s say you are writing about “used cars” and there is another page in your site that lists used cars for sale. Select a few keywords in your article or blog and link them to the targeted page (for example the used car listings page). Use complete links (starting from the http)… so if someone copies your article, the link will still work. That’s it, now watch the benefits of this.


    – People who are reading your article are definitely interested in the subject. They are more likely to click on the link and purchase your services or products.

    – Since the keyword is relevant to the targeted page, search engines will relate your page to the keyword which will send better qualified web traffic.

    – You’ll even get more links when you submit your article or publication to article submission sites. This will yield in higher page rank overtime.

    – Most people who copy your article for their site (or use RSS feed to get the article), will include your links and same as above.</blockquote>

    What a great tip. I always use relative links on my sites. Now, I need to go and change them to full links ;).

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