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  • swissa Friend

    I think because template manager defaults to home page and home page is default! 😉 Only the other pages are called slideshow.

    This must either be a caching problem your end or a bug of some sort because again I see it perfectly – Hotels, Restaurants etc


    James Weston JATC

    Hi Swissa,

    I am having to go back through all the old posts to remember how we got the right result in the shopping module.

    I just noticed that this page has a sample banner which only appears in Chrome. i deleted in the image file but it still has a block there.

    In Safari and Firefox it does not show?


    swissa Friend

    Hi Jim,

    You are talking about a little thing under the logo?

    If you look using Chrome/Firebug and you ‘inspect the element’ you see this – <img src=​”/​images/​stories/​demo/​sam-adv.jpg” alt=​”Sample banner”>​ ?

    Well. If you then follow the code up about 4 lines you should see this – ​<div class=​”ja-moduletable moduletable clearfix” id=​”Mod137″>​

    so I’d check look modul manager, (display all at the bottom and then on the right at the top of the list click on the blue ID, just to bring them into order.)

    Find number 137 (its called Sample Banner) and you can set it show on no pages.

    The beauty, my friend, of using chrome developer tools / Firebug!!

    Hope that helps you solve your current problem and adds to your knowledge. 🙂



    James Weston JATC

    Cheers Swissa,

    Funnily enough when i woke up this morning the problem was gone but i have done what you said anyway.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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