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    Do you want to install JA Wall with sample data in new site?

    Pls download the Quickstart package of JA Wall:

    and in the process of installing this template, remember to select to install sample data.

    mmx1947 Friend

    Thanks… I figured it out. A bit of a culture shock using your latest installer compared my last JA membership.

    But, I’m having problems with some of the other quickstart packages. For example, JA Events fails to write a configuration file. It creates the tables with sample data but does not complete the installation. It shows three tabs for the install wizard (Configuration, Database, and Overview). It seems like there needs to be one more tab to handle the final part of the installation when the configuration file is created. Otherwise, I’m doing something wrong.

    Saguaros Moderator

    Do you mean JA Events II template? I’ve just downloaded quickstart of this template and installed in my local but everything goes fine. It should have all the same steps as the installation of default Joomla package.

    mmx1947 Friend

    I tried JA Social II and had the same problem. However, I was using Chrome for the first attempts and tried Firefox for a second pass just in case it was a browser problem. With Firefox, I did get progress bars before returning to the Overview screen. Maybe I’m trying to install the templates using the wrong file. I’m using the files beginning with the jatc_. In both cases, I get an error message indicating that Joomla is aborting because there is no configuration file.

    It’s early in the morning for me and I’ve been up for a few days. I need to get some sleep. At least JA Wall is working and it was the main reason for renewing. I will try again tomorrow.

    I had no problems with the and quickstarts licensed this week.

    mmx1947 Friend

    Saguaros… what OS are you using?

    mmx1947 Friend

    Saguaros… still the same problem with JA Events II and JA Social II. After the install, they display a message indicating that the configuration file does not exist. The configuration file is not written and the admin user account is not created in the database files. I had to copy the JA Wall configuration.php to both templates, manually edit the files to reflect the different paths/database and manually transfer the user account data from the JA Wall database to the JA Events II and JA Social II databases. They are both working now with those changes. I will use this workaround solution with the other JA templates of interest.

    For your reference, my development machine is running on Windows 7 with an XAMPP stack. Fresh installs of Joomla 3.7.5, 3.8 and the latest development code proceed without problems on this machine. I also write code on top of the Laravel and Yii frameworks on this machine with no problems.

    Saguaros Moderator

    Do you have any addons installed on your browser? pls try to disable them first. I tested in different PCs (Mac & Windows) but all work fine.

    mmx1947 Friend

    This turned out to be a xampp problem with the older version I was using. I updated to the latest release and the problems disappeared. Turning Apache server off and on from the xampp control panel just before an install also eliminated the problem.

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