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  • marktoe Friend

    now it works….?

    what happened? 😉

    Wall Crasher Developer

    :laugh: You should see it by yourself.
    As I said, I just update these two file
    <blockquote>1. /templates/ja_wall/index.php
    2. /templates/ja_wall/template_tools.php</blockquote>

    Since these two has been change or modify something, it cause the updater think that you have make important thing there, it does not overwrite.

    Just wonder why you does not see the conflict when update JA Wall.

    But I think it is ok now.


    marktoe Friend

    OK, sorry i didnt saw your answer from 4:27AM… :-[

    I didnt know that it is a problem to update files in wich i am changing something … hmmm

    OK! Thank you very much though! :p

    What you mean with infinity scroll function? I know. I am adding more articels these days…. i noticed, that there are only loading 5 articels at once. Although there are more articles than 5.

    Antother case: the new position of “corner stamp” is on the LEFT TOP position… not an the RIGHT TOP as the documentation says… :-[

    best wishes

    Wall Crasher Developer

    Hi marktoe,

    I have checked and the infinity function should work well.
    For Corner-Stamp, it is the same issue as in two files above.
    It has not been updated too. (/templates/ja_wall/css/template.css)

    You can try to download the template package on our server (template package only) and compare with your template folder. Then just merge those CSS changes.


    marktoe Friend


    so i have to take care after each update that some css-files could not be updated …. hmmm i understand, otherwise my changes in those files would be deleted.. but its very tricky 😉

    best regards

    marktoe Friend


    i dont know, but i have the next problem. i cannot scroll anymore in the pop-up view of an article. :((

    whats the problem here?


    activha Friend

    @wall Crasher

    Well with the latest version of JA Pager there is definetely a problem. I had to revert back to the latest version or to manually set the numbers of items to say 10 or 15 in the pager.php file.

    I have reinstalled the previous version which is working great on our website for now.

    We are on JA Wall 1.0.7 but have not yet switched to KA 2.6.2 and so kept the old html k2 but I guess that this did not change the pagination ?

    Could it have to do with the way template tools are called ? because we noticed a problem here on the local dev website that we had to fix by the suggestion in page 2

    Wall Crasher Developer

    @marktoe, it is again the file is not get updated.
    I just update /templates/ja_wall/plugins/iscroll/iscroll.js file.
    Now you can check again.
    For the best, i think you can download the template package and use some compare tool to compare the new version with yours.
    <blockquote>Could it have to do with the way template tools are called ? because we noticed a problem here on the local dev website that we had to fix by the suggestion in page 2</blockquote>
    We will apply this fix. The reason for this problem is that you may have some extensions which call to render the html very soon. I do not know why they do that.

    For the pager problem, I would like to check it on your site. Maybe your case is special. Please pm ftp/admin so I would check it.


    uc directa Friend

    <em>@Wall Crasher 354000 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi marktoe,

    First, please update to 1.0.7. And if you still have problem, you sure have an extension that request for template very soon, it may not compatible with JA Wall. And if so you can try this solutions.

    Replace ALL the code of ‘function onAfterRoute()’
    with these two new functions

    function onAfterInitialise(){
    //include template tools
    if(is_file(JPATH_ROOT . '/templates/ja_wall/template_tools.php')){
    include_once JPATH_ROOT . '/templates/ja_wall/template_tools.php';

    function onAfterRoute()
    $app = JFactory::getApplication('site');
    // don't use in admin
    if ($app->isAdmin() || !in_array(JRequest::getCmd('option'), array('com_content', 'com_k2'))){

    $this->key_page = 'page';
    $this->key_limitstart = 'limitstart';

    $router = $app->getRouter();
    // attach build/parse rules for page SEF
    $router->attachBuildRule(array($this, 'buildRule'));
    // parse page rule
    $uri = JURI::getInstance ();
    $this->parseRule ($router, $uri);

    on file pluginssystemjapagerjapager.php

    If you still have problem, please pm ftp/admin information to me, i shall check for you.
    Of course, you can keep the 1.0.6 version if you do not want to update. :-[


    diganme porqueeeeeeeee.!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand, explain with pictures, so we no speak the same language. y asi es mas fácil de entender…..o algun link para ver un video tutorial…

    Wall Crasher Developer

    OK, You just send the ftp/admin information to me. I will fix it for you.

    pbols Friend

    I get this message after upload to 1.0.7,
    Fatal error: Class ‘K2Model’ not found in /home/cardious/public_html/templates/ja_wal

    and when i roll back it works again.

    Help me please

    Wall Crasher Developer

    Hi pbols,

    It seems you are using an old version of K2.

    And I do not know how much you have customized your template, so please send me the login info of your site. I shall check and try to help you.

    If you want to upgrade your K2, please make sure you backup your site (both code and database) 🙂


    mxmarcios Friend


    I’m having trouble installing the template in

    the following error appears:
    PHP Fatal error: Class ‘WallHelper’ not found in on line 23

    I can not identify the error.

    / **
    * * ————————————————- ———————–
    * * JA Wall Template for Joomla25
    * * ————————————————- ———————–
    * * Copyright (C) 2004-2011 JOOM Solutions Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
    * *license – Copyrighted Commercial Software
    * * Author: J.O.O.M Solutions Co., Ltd
    * * Websites: http://www.joomlart.com
    * * This file may not be redistributed in whole or part Significant.
    * * ————————————————- ———————–
    * * /

    // No direct access
    defined (‘_ JEXEC’) or die (‘Restricted access’);
    // Defines this is grid view
    define (‘_IS_GRID_VIEW’, true);

    JHTML :: addIncludePath (JPATH_COMPONENT ‘/ helpers’.);
    <div id = “masonry-container” class = “clearfix”>
    <? php
    WallHelper genCSPosition :: ();
    if (empty ($ this> lead_items)!)
    $ leadingcount = 0;
    <? php foreach ($ this> lead_items the & $ item):?>
    <? php
    $ this> & item = $ item;
    echo $ this> LoadTemplate (‘item’);
    <? php
    $ leadingcount ++;
    <? php endforeach; ?>
    <? php endif; ?>

    <? php if (empty ($ this!> intro_items)):
    $ introcount = 0;
    <? php foreach ($ this> intro_items the & $ item):?>
    <? php
    $ this> & item = $ item;
    echo $ this> LoadTemplate (‘item’);
    <? php
    $ introcount ++;
    <? php endforeach; ?>
    <? php endif; ?>
    </ div>
    <? php
    // Build the additional URL parameters string.
    $ urlparams = ”;
    if (empty ($ this> pagination -> _ additionalUrlParams))
    foreach ($ this> pagination -> _ additionalUrlParams as $ key => $ value)
    $ urlparams. = ‘&’. $ key. ‘=.’ $ value;
    $ next = $ this> pagination-> get (‘pages.current’) * $ this> pagination-> limit;
    $ Nextlink = JRoute :: _ (.. $ urlparams ‘&’ $ this> pagination-> prefix ‘limitstart =’ $ next..);
    <div id = “page-nav”>
    <a id=”page-next-link” echo href=”<?php $nextlink ?> “> </a>
    </ div>

    mxmarcios Friend

    That’s exactly what happened. I have uploaded of the JA-WALL Template 1.0.7 and the 2 Plugins JA-Pager 1.0.1 and JA-soial feed 1.0.7.
    When I chose “set as default” and visualize the website this error message appears: Fatal error: Class ‘WallHelper’ not found in /www/htdocs/w008952a/piksel/templates/ja_wall/html/com_content/featured/default.php on line 23.

    Saguaros Moderator


    In above default.php file, under this line of code:
    [PHP]JHTML :: addIncludePath (JPATH_COMPONENT ‘/ helpers’.); [/PHP]

    Add this line:
    [PHP]require_once (JPATH_ROOT.’/templates/ja_wall/template_tools.php’);[/PHP]

    It will look like this:

    Then clean all caches.


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