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  • sharek326 JATC

    I set up the JA Social Feed step by step following the guide. Currently, I am trying to get Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter working. So far only twitter works. Nothing else will import. the result is below.

    Source : pinterest

    Profile Joe

    Done : 0 Success And 0 Error

    Source : instagram

    Profile Joe

    Done : 0 Success And 0 Error

    Source : facebook

    Profile Joe Resume

    Done : 0 Success And 0 Error

    Profile Default

    Source : twitter

    Profile Joe

    test Done : 1 Success And 0 Error

    Saguaros Moderator


    Kindly share the credentials of your site so I can take a look and check for you.


    sharek326 JATC
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    sharek326 JATC

    did you have a chance to review it? It still doesn’t work.

    sharek326 JATC

    It has been a few days since you asked for my site information. Is anyone going to follow up?

    iammontoya JATC

    I had similar issues and decided to move to JFB.. worked in seconds.

    draakje JAEC

    I’m not getting this extension to work either. It looks like the backend isn’t working properly or smething. I can’t delete the custom profile for e.g. youtube nor can i add a profile. I can fill out the name for a new profile, but it doesn’t save it. I can change the settings for the default profile. But it wont get the videos or twitter messages.

    rommys JATC

    Hi team! I have a similar problem with RSS import. Error 0 "Cannot load feed." in joomla 3.7.5

    this is the error:
    Strict Standards: Non-static method Feed::getContent() should not be called statically in /xxxxx/public_html/plugins/system/jasocial_feed/Feed.php on line 181

    In the file we see this lines between 163 to 189:


    • Load XML from cache or HTTP.
    • @param string
    • @param string
    • @param string
    • @return SimpleXMLElement
    • @throws FeedException
      private static function loadXml($url, $rssarr)
      $e = self::$cacheExpire;
      $cacheFile = self::$cacheDir . ‘feed.’ . md5(serialize(func_get_args())) . ‘.xml’;

      if (self::$cacheDir
          && (time() - @filemtime($cacheFile) <= (is_string($e) ? strtotime($e) - time() : $e))
          && $data = @file_get_contents($cacheFile)
      ) {
          // ok

      } elseif ($data = trim(self::getContent($url))) {
      if (self::$cacheDir) {
      file_put_contents($cacheFile, $data);

      } elseif (self::$cacheDir && $data = @file_get_contents($cacheFile)) {
      // ok
      } else {
      throw new FeedException(‘Cannot load feed.’);

    This problem started aprox the January 20 … We need your help please! Thnks

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    rommys JATC

    HI!! any solution for this problem?? Please, can you see the post?… WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Thanks you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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