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    Hello. On the Pariiti template. When DL menu is selected. I notice that the subnav links are aligned left. This is a bit of a design flaw. Subnav links should line up CENTERED to their parent object above. I consider this a defect in the template, and I need to know how to fix it asap. Since the good folks at Joomlart take 2 to 3 days to respond to email, I’m hoping I can get some help here.

    Can someone please offer some guidance on how to fix this problem?

    To see the defect in action just visit the demo ( and click on the SAMPLE CONTENT link in the green menu bar. You will see how all subnav links are awkwardly floated left

    I tried moving them via CSS but haven’t had any luck because again, they need to align to their parent item.


    Image attached

    Thank you<blockquote></blockquote>

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    jsliao Friend

    I don’t think this is an ‘error’ or ‘problem’ with the template as it is how splitmenu works. what you are asking for is actually a custom modification to the template more than an error fix.

    you don’t see such a problem in the other menus because they are ‘long’ enough to reach its parents.

    bolero1 Friend

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue with CSS??

    jsliao Friend

    as i have mentioned, this is more than just adjusting css if you need the subnav to move according to its parent

    there is only 1 css tag controlling all subnavs now, in order to shift it right, you can adjust the value below in red. however, note that all subnavs will be shifted right.

    /templates/ja_pariiti/ja_splitmenu/ja-splitmenu.css (line 77)

    #ja-subnav {

    bolero1 Friend

    Isn’t there a way to center the LI’s within the subnav div?

    bolero1 Friend

    I do not consider this post “answered”

    I believe the sub nav links should show up centered on the parent link and I think Joomlart should update the template. With all due respect this is a design flaw.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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