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  • tehribo Friend

    I followed all the instructions – installed the JA Megafilter plugin and component, then created a menu item and so on… but the page stays empty – there are no articles in it.

    I am sure that I am doing it as explained in the instructions, because on my test site everything works perfectly.

    Please give me any advice what could be the problem?

    On the live site I am using Purity 3 template (with T3) is this the problem?

    1. empty-page
    2. megafilter-settings
    tehribo Friend

    I uninstalled and installed the component this morning and now when I try to add a new filter I got this message:

    "Error Component Content is not installed or enabled Form is not found"

    Luna Garden Moderator


    We saw the problem, however we need you to provide us FTP info of your site so we can investigate further.

    tehribo Friend


    Thank you for your reply!

    I added the FTP login details and another Joomla administration login details, because I restored to an older Backup.

    It’s another day I am trying to find a solution for this – but without any success.

    I tried to restore a backup from 23 of April, before the Joomla 3.7. update – there was absolutely no change in the component behavior.

    The page stays empty whatever I do.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    I fixed the problem.


    Change the code:

    $item->desc = !empty($baseItem->introtext) ? strip_tags(substr($baseItem->introtext,0,100)).'...' : '';


    $_DES = strip_tags(substr($baseItem->introtext,0,130)).'...';
                $_exp = explode(' ',$_DES);
                for ($i=0;$i<count($_exp)-1;$i++) {
                    $_description .= $_exp[$i].' ';
                $item->desc = !empty($baseItem->introtext) ? $_description : '';
    tehribo Friend

    Dear Mo0nlight,

    It seems to be working now.

    As always – JoomlArt is the best!

    Just for curiosity … what was the problem? Something with the intro text of the article?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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