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    How come that I cannot purchase 1year for all extensions plan? Is this some kind of bug or JATC intended feature?

    It’s a problem with your account. We’ve sent you an email with instructions on how you can make your purchase of JAEC now, pls check your inbox.

    Does 1 year of extensions plan include all JAEC extensions?

    Yes. You can download all extensions once you own JAEC membership.

    Is megafilter compatible with Joomla 3.8.1?

    Not yet currently. We are working on new release though and it should come out very soon.

    Is megafilter compatible with Falang? Is it able to display Joomla/K2 content translated by Falang?

    It’s not compatible with Falang.

    Ideally it would be more convenient for users if they could have list of exact products each membership offers, you are right. It’s hard to find a way to present this properly on our site though, but we will keep this suggestion in mind.

    Hrvoje Friend

    Thanks for the reply
    Unfortunately, if modules aren’t compatible with Falang I cannot use them 🙁
    I’m using Falang on all my websites because they all are multilingual and it’s much more convenient and faster to manage translation with Falang instead with Joomla’s default language manager.
    If you look for Falang in Joomla JED you’ll find that many many users are using it.
    Btw. I already contacted several other developers for other modules and components and most of them made their products compatible because it’s not difficult.
    Hopefully in some future, maybe you’ll make them compatible.
    Best Regards

    Anonymous Moderator


    Yes if there’s enough user demand then we will definitely consider it for future update. I’ve passed over your suggestion re.Falang to our dev team.

    Hrvoje Friend


    If you use search function on a top f your website, and select forum and use Falang as keyword, you’ll see quite amount of users asking for Falang related functionalities.
    So I’m 100% sure that with Falang compatibility both your and their user base would benefit a lot.

    I would so like to use your megafilter component but unfortunately I cannot because it’s not compatible.
    And I’m not the only one if judging from those search results.

    Maybe you could contact Stephane, Falang developer and see what can be done?

    Anyway I will not "push" Falang anymore, I’ve given my arguments 🙂

    Thanks for replying
    Best Regards

    Hrvoje Friend


    1. How come that I cannot purchase 1year for all extensions plan? Is this some kind of bug or JATC intended feature?

    This issue is still not resolved, three weeks after I posted it. :-/

    Anonymous Moderator

    @krxon We found out the reason why your account has problem with JAEC purchase, it was because you used to be JA Developer member and our system doesn’t allow dev member to downgrade by purchasing smaller packages likes JAEC, JATC.
    Anyway this is fixed now, you should be able to purchase JAEC membership normally via our site. Pls go to the Pricing page and give it another try.

    Hrvoje Friend

    It’s fixed now, thanks. I’ve purchased desired module.

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