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    I am confused about a lot of the jobboard, I hope you can clear things for me.

    I can add a job, choos a startting date, the job will be online for 30 days, after this the job expires. Because I have customers who would like to have a job posted for 3 months how can I set this up or does a employer have to renew his job every 30 days.

    Next to this I have customers that would like to post a job, if the job is taken it has to be offline, how can an employer put the job offline while there is no expire date shown. Is it possible to show an expire date, because it is a field in the job form but what I do, it never shows.

    Why is the system sending emails when the administrator has changed anything, can this be switch off.


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    You can enable the expired date field on the front end, changing “Display mode” of that field will show on the front end. Please look at this documentation for more details.


    timmieboy Friend

    Sorry but this is not working that is the reason I post this. I know how it works but it does not work.

    HeR0 Friend

    I have changed it to show only new job form.

    Kindly check again!

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    Sorry, but I don’t see it, where do I have to find this.

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    timmieboy Friend

    OK, thank I see it but still I do not understand something. I setup that a job ends in 30 days, as I can see there is no expiry date filled in, so how can I or my customer know when it ends. I assume this has to be filled in automatically or not? See pictures.

    1. expire-days
    2. expire-days1
    HeR0 Friend

    Yes, after 30 days, the jobs status will be auto updated to expired.

    timmieboy Friend

    Ok, so if I understand correctly. When a job is posted the expire date is 00000000 and when the Job actual expires it shows the date is expired. This means no employer/jobseeker can see up front when a job is ending. In this case the field has no value and is useless.

    HeR0 Friend

    <blockquote>This means no employer/jobseeker can see up front when a job is ending. In this case the field has no value and is useless.</blockquote> Yes, i think that you should use Expired Job in the global setting instead of using on each job.

    timmieboy Friend

    So this means that I do the following:

    – Yes at the syste settings for “Use General Configure For Posting Expire:”
    – I hide the expire date field on the frontend at the job profile

    If I do this, the Job will be placed automatically for 30 days, expire after 30 days and an employer can not choose to put his job offline.

    HeR0 Friend

    Yes, the jobs will be expired after 30 days. I think that way is ok for you.

    timmieboy Friend

    Ok, and because I added the status field a employer can still put his job offline. Ok for me.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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