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    zorroson Friend

    Oh – sorry about that 🙁
    I have now whitelisted your IP…


    Saguaros Moderator


    Your ja megafilter subscription is active right now, this might be a browser cache problem. Pls try to clear your browser cache & cookies, then login again, it should help.

    zorroson Friend

    Yep – access to forum is now working. Thanx for your help with this…!

    Any takes on my question regarding creating overrides for the JA Megafilter component?


    Mo0nlight Moderator


    You can find the default layout files at : components/com_jamegafilter/layouts/.

    You can override the layout by copy the files to this location:

    If you want to override view file.
    Copy the file from


    zorroson Friend

    Thanx for this – I’ll give it a go, and report back.

    Not sure though, how to assign the different JA Megafilter layout templates, to the different views/menuitems if I want to have different layouts on different menuitems…?

    UPDATE: Tried placing the layoutfiles in mentioned path, but apparently they were not read by the component. Can you please verify the mentioned location, in your post? Is it correct that the layout-folder is located directly underneath the template folder, and not in the html/plg_jamegafilter_k2 folder?


    Mo0nlight Moderator


    Unfortunately, JA Mega Filter support only 1 theme right now, not multiple theme yet.

    I will forward to the team for further consideration.


    sunconcept Friend

    I found the solutions thanks to the Documentation!

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    Pascal Friend

    I Don’t find the exact place to override content plugin

    • plugins/jamegafilter/content/tmpl to templates/{template-name}/html/plg_jamegafilter_content is ok

    but what about layouts directories ?

    • plugins/jamegafilter/content/layouts/default/* to templates/{template-name}/html/layouts/jamegafilter/default/ ?

    Could you confirm ?

    Saguaros Moderator

    For the layout, we mentioned in the documentation of this extension:

    Copy the folder plugins/jamegafilter/virtuemart/layouts/default/ and paste it on folder /templates/{template_name}/html/layouts/jamegafilter/virtuemart

    Pascal Friend

    Thanks for your reply but

    For the content items, that doesn’t seem to work…

    a) (From Assign new layout for JA Megafilter menu item) I have /plugins/jamegafilter/content/layouts/randos but it cannot be chosen in the menu item /templates/rt_cerulean/html/plg_jamegafilter_content/randos.php is ok to be chosen here

    b) (Override layout for content filter) It seems that templates/rt_cerulean/html/layouts/jamegafilter/content/ has no effect (in that case with a RT template)
    (idem, not ok)

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    • This reply was modified 3 years ago by  Pascal.
    Pascal Friend

    I respond to myself
    REDIT [It’s now working Yeah!
    Firstly you have to create

    is a override of

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