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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    Refer : Official Joomla Docs on How to Install Templates

    To install JoomlArt templates (or other Joomla! templates also), please follow these steps below:

    1. Download the template package from JoomlArt download section
    2. Login to your Joomla! Administrator Panel. Then select Extensions >> Install/Uninstall
    3. Click on Browse button then select the template package (zip file) that you want to install, then click Upload File & Install
    4. Using Directory Method : If you’ve already uploaded all template file to a specific folder on your site, you can choose to install them from directory. Put the absolute path to that directory and click Install
    5. You will receive successful message if template has been installed. Otherwise, please follow Joomla! instruction to correct error.

    6. To use your installed template, select Extensions >> Templates Manager
    7. Choose the template that you want to use as a default template, then click on Default button

      A star icon will display to mark that template has been used as default in front-end.

    8. To configure the settings of each template, click on that template name, you will be directed to its configuration page. And you can change all the settings relate to that template there.
    Using FTP Method to install Template :

    1. Download and unzip the Template zip file.
    2. Start FTP connection with your server.
    3. Upload the complete unzipped folder to the root of your site templates folder >> Your_site_Root/templates/ << .
    4. The template is installed and you can see it in the template manager of your site admin.
    5. IMPORTANT : This installation method does not move the language files to its desired directories. So, you will need to move them manually.

    Please note : There are 2 language files. One for Admin (backend) and one for Users (frontend). You will have to move both of them manually.

    1. From your template admin folder >> Your_Template/admin/en-GB.tpl_ja_XXXXX.ini ( XXXX stands for your template name).

    Move this file to : Your_Site_Root/administrator/language/en-GB/

    2. Similarly, find the en-GB.tpl_ja_XXXXX.ini in your template folder >> Your_Template/en-GB.tpl_ja_XXXXX.ini

    Move this file to : Your_Site_Root/language/en-GB/
    If you are new to FTP and Joomla – Read this :

    If you are new to using FTP to upload files to your server. Then you need to follow the resources available in google search. You can refer some of the links below for an overview :

    1. Official Joomla Docs : Using FTP to upload files.
    2. Video Tutorials : Using FireFTP (firefox extension). Watch right side for more such link.
    3. Standalone FTP Clients : Using FileZilla for FTP uploads.

    Please note : Using FTP or using Cpanel for installations / uploads are must know for anyone trying Joomla. It is beyond the scope of this tutorial to teach the basics. Plenty of resources are available in google search to learn them.

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    mfigueroa Friend

    I am installing the Aug 21, JA Olivine template for Joomla 1.5. I followed the above instructions, however after clicking on the install button, I get the following error:

    “Error! could not find an XMLsetup file in the package.”

    Can you please advice what the issue is?

    matthewschenker Friend

    Good Morning,
    I followed these steps exactly using the Teline zip package. But I’m getting these errors:
    There was an error uploading this file to the server.
    Unable to find install package

    Please advise.

    matthewschenker Friend

    Good Morning,
    Disregard my last message. I just figured out what was wrong. I was loading the entire template folder rather than the sub-folder for the template.

    I would suggest that JA produce separate folders for the templates and the modules. That would make things clearer for people.

    OK, I’m going to start experimenting with the template now.


    atomik Friend


    I’ve just downloaded JA Fedora template and tried to install it on my Joomla! 1.5.10 site but I got this error:

    JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected
    Warning! Failed to move file.

    Unable to find install package

    I havn’t got that error and everything runs smoothly on another site (and another hosting server) so I suppose, this is something to do with permissions but I might be wrong.

    Is there any manual to install template manually?

    114915 Friend


    i keep getting the same error message, but not for the same reason. could there be another explanation?


    babybooska Friend

    I am also recieving the xml error while trying to install JA Lead. Any suggestion?

    inevares Friend

    The instructions found herein fail to mention that the templates downloaded contain a ZIP WITHIN A ZIP, but that only the LAST ZIP files in the package will work; if you attempt to browse the ZIP file as is, it won’t work. Here is the solution:

    To rephrase what member matthewschenker says above on 03-01-2009, 12:53 PM , you need to first unzip the downloaded package (using a file manager), then look for theTEMPLATE folder. It is in this folder that you will find the zipped template file. Then, follow the instructions on Hung Dinh’s first thread above (07-14-2008, 10:27 AM.)

    1) Look for the file,, after it is downloaded and right-click to Extract All. The following file will show up: ja_teline_iii_stable.v1.0 (notice no zip extension)

    2) Double-click the newly created file to reveal the following folders:

    3) Make a note of the location of those three folders (your actual location may vary), i.e,
    C:Joomla Templatesja_teline_iii_stable.v1.0 (notice no zip extension)

    4) Proceed to open your Joomla Administration page (yoursite/administration) using your browser.

    5) Go to the Extensions Menu – Install/Uninstall to open the Extensions Manager.

    6) Look for Upload Package File: Package File:___________Browse
    and browse for the file ja_teline_iii_stable.v1.0 (notice no zip extension) found in the folder you noted in # 3 above. Double click in the file to reveal the three folders in #2 above and look inside the Templates folder for the file
    THIS IS THE ACTUAL TEMPLATE; you have to dig it out of the last folder.

    7) Proceed next to do the same for all the zip files from the Extensions folder–lots of goodies there.

    The Extension Manager does indeed require that you “feed” it a zipped template file but the instructions failed to mention that these files have been Double-Zipped, therefore, you have to unzip it once to reveal the bottom zipped file.

    Hope this saves your day because it surely took my whole day to figure this out….
    I am still staying away from that Quickstart thing because I surely have not figured it out…

    Loving this thing called Joomla (and JoomlART)…finally getting better at it.

    golfvilla Friend

    Thanks inevares. Your detail comment really helped! 😀

    satyrical Friend

    Hello, I am trying to download the ja sulfur tempelate, so far everything went well but i keep getting an error message when I try to download the I get –

    * Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package.

    And when I look at the template on the front end I get this error message

    Warning: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given in C:xampphtdocsJoomla15templatesja_sulfurja_menusBase.class.php on line 50

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi satyrical

    Please kindly check this thread:

    nevlis99 Friend

    Thank you for the instructions. I am following them when installing JA Nickel.

    However, I still get the error message “cannot find XML file”. But there is in fact a XML-file inside the zipped file named “tpl_nickel_j15”. The name of the XML file is “TemplateDetails”. I even tried to put the .xml -ending after the file name but I jost got a different error message.

    I also tried to place the template file in a specific directory in the public html directory and install from there but it did not help. My next step is probably to install Joomla (in cPanel) once again and then download the template package and repeat the steps I have allready done.

    Any ideas?

    terracore Friend

    i was able to install the template thanks to ineveras instructions on our first site (we have 3 licenses)… but trying to do the same install on the same server, different domain… and all of the extensions installed just fine, but the template file keeps giving me a 500 server error… we’ve added the second domain to our account and verified it with the txt file… so why won’t it work? 🙁

    rgluger Friend

    I have this problem:

    * JInstaller::install: File ‘/home/webelie1/public_html/amstel/tmp/install_4bd04daa6482e/blank.php’ does not exist.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi rgluger

    Could you send me your live url, admin account, ftp account via PM so that i could have a closer look on the issue?

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