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    I read

    Now, you will be asked to login with the account that has permission to access the site Google analytics. Then hit the Allow button to get the access code.

    As an agency I am elegible to access all the stats from within GA. I do not have the rights to connect it with my clients personal Google account since I then have acces to all his personal information.

    Maybe you guys should make a "select the GA account" selectbox, when 1 user has access to two or more GA accounts.

    How to solve this?

    Creaktor Branding Agency Friend

    Note: When assigning JA GA to Cpanel when JA admin is installed, it will NOT show JA GA. You have to assign it to Bottom. (also for some weird reason, the module positions set in JA GA are not responding to the JA Admin settings).

    Creaktor Branding Agency Friend

    I would advise to put overflow: scroll on the element .ga-box-data .box-inner.

    Since on small width screens the data can’t otherwise be read. (this applies to the bottom position since I cannot seem to get it shown in any other workable position. Cpanel does not show the GA data as described above)

    Luna Garden Moderator


    Our developer is checking this issue, and we’ll back to you soon.

    Mo0nlight Moderator


    You could ask for permission to read and analyze only if you not the owner of the GA account.

    If you want to view more than 1 domain GA.
    you could duplicate the module and change the domain name.

    Our dev team will check the problem with JA Admin. Please stay tune and wait for next version.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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