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    I was waiting for the v1.4 before to make a thread,
    but the Job Filter module has still bugs on some templates like Kyaniteii

    1. The pop up don’t work (when click nothing appear)

    2. The small arrow which give the possibility to close the module is not there,
    so impossible to close the modules

    Suggestions are welcome !

    lucine Friend

    I have checked my site today and it seems that you have worked in the good way !
    Now the pop up work fine !
    There is still a small problem with the close of the module (with the small arrow …)
    The small arrow isn’t here …, so I can’t close the module …
    But it’s a small problem so I can wait that you find a solution !
    Thanks a lot !

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi there,

    Actually, we fixed the first issue with pop up and glad to hear that it works fine now.

    For second issue, kindly upload the image for more information as we do not understand it well

    lucine Friend

    Thanks for the first problem solved as I said above …

    In fact in Ja Purity, all modules (like Ja Filtre, Menu, polls, …) could be reduced.
    We just click on a small arrow on the right of the module title and the module is reduced or enlarged

    On my template this fonction isn’t there …

    I find this possibility to reduced or enlarged very important so I would like to know if it was possible.

    I can’t give an image because this fonction doesn’t work good on Ja Purity as I said here :

    I hope you’ll understand ..

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi lucine,

    Please use other template instead as the issue with job filter in JA Purity is still on waiting list still and not resolved yet. You can check the status via this link:

    lucine Friend

    So I’ll wait that you solve this small problem.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi there,

    Pls be informed that the above issue with JA Purity on your site has been resolved now. Check for update status

    lucine Friend

    Ok, that’s true for Ja Purity,
    but I don’t understand why this isn’t possible on my template …
    Could you tell me why please ?
    Thanks by advance

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi again,

    I have checked and could see that with the current template, the filter job module works fine on your site.

    Pls send me screenshot of the error for more information

    lucine Friend

    Its right I have no more problems for Job Filter, you have made a good job !
    I just wanted to know if the option for modules that can be closed and opened dynamicaly
    on the frontend by users (seen on Ja Purity …) can work for others templates because I like it !!!
    May be it can work only on Ja Purity because I have not seen it in others templates ?!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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