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  • versinus Friend

    Please add text logo and languageswitcher position

    islandview Friend

    Link Hover Color seems to be configurable in all places apart from the module positions. Would be nice if it could be included in that section too.

    islandview Friend

    Would it be possible to have an optional custom link for the main logo? Having the default link to the site root is perfectly fine when it’s the main template, but if you have the template for a sub-set of pages, they may have a different ‘home’ page and so being able to override the main logo link would be very useful.

    islandview Friend

    The code tweaks to switch to BootStrap3 seems very few:

    So I was just thinking, could it be possible to have a back-end admin ON / OFF toggle to achieve this – so by default the template would respect Core Joomla BS2, but it could be easily switched by admin to BS3 if that more modern power needed?

    tramber91 Friend


    thanks for this simple and new template.
    My initial idea is to move from Gantry 4 to simpli template

    concerning new features I think about 2 things.

    1) Add new position in header or maybe a fixed position like "popup". I’m facing issue to put the module BT loging in the middle of header.

    i think i can fixe that by a sort of grid in banner position but it is not a clean solution

    2) easy to done i think : custom.less, to have posibility to use less code for customization

    create a file custom.less in less directory and add

    @import "custom.less";

    at the end of template.less file
    then the custom less file will be compiled with other less files


    take care


    airgead Friend


    Simpli looks great and I have a client who is keen to use it, but the lack of homepage slideshow is a sticking point. Is there any word on when that will be included?



    rjanssen Friend

    Would like to request ‘Enable Small Logo’.
    If enabled you can browse image to display as header logo on small screens like mobile.

    woluweb Friend

    Hi !
    Thank you very much for your effets in making this excellent free template available to the community.
    JA Simpli is already quite rich and I will certainly promote it.

    Still, two little feature requests :

    • for the sidebars (called "position-5" and "position-7"), they are either both on the right of Component, or on the left. Why not allowing one left and one right ? This is regularly asked by final users/owners of websites…
      (like typically : submenu on the left and ad or facebook on the right)
    • why not having a "compile" button for LESS files (or at least clear explanation of how to do it within Joomla Template Manager. Eg : (i) edit _variables.less and then (ii) compile template.less)

    Thank you very much for your nice work,


    chatel Friend

    Could the container background image has a option box?
    I would like set something like "no-repeat".

    chatel Friend

    Could the container background image has a option box?
    I would like set something like "no-repeat".

    Sorry. I discovered that is possible in "Wrapper classes" field. Tks.

    krumz Friend

    I always use the t3bs3blank template as I have customized it in many ways for my needs. This Simpli template comes close to many of my custom changes to the t3bs3blank template except for one thing and I wonder if it is possible to add to the Simpli template the one thing I need?

    Based on the t3bs3blank template positions I always use a mascol then a sidebar 1 and 2, then a mascol2. I need these sidebars in between the 2 mascols for menu items, recent updates, similar articles etc and also because it breaks up all the information nicely. Here is a link to one of my websites where you can see what I’m talking about:

    Is this a possibility to add this to the Simpli template? If not, how would I go about making this custom change myself to a template like this? By now it’s super easy for me to make the change to the t3bs3blank template but it might be a bit different for the Simpli template.

    Hope this makes sense, thanks.

    Giulio Orsi Friend

    I like this feutures to add:

    small logo
    topbar (one o two) position managed in template setting
    scroll to top

    Update Bootstrap latest

    krumz Friend

    Is it possible to create a module position above and below the main content area? Same width as the content area that only reaches to the sidebars. See attached for visual.

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