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  • napatjo Friend

    why am I NOT able to download templates (joomla) when I just purchased a new year of subscription????

    Im looking for the JA Wall, its not listed, and when I search for it, its shown, but your (faboulous) site says I cant download. !!!

    Your website is very difficult to navigate, its almost impossible to find a Contact and download section is pretty good hidden.

    Please do something about this.

    brgds Napatjo / Thomasjo

    tfosnom Friend

    JA Wall is not a club template but is being offered when finished as a seperate bundle, that’s why you can’t find or dl it. do a search on JA Wall and you’ll find numerous posts drom high ranking JA staff on the late release of that sales model and the confusion it has caused

    The download section is hidden? there are download links at the top of each template forum ( JA Tiris, JA Orisite Etc.)

    Sometimes you do have to look as they are hyperlinks,but your the first person I’ve heard that can’t seem to find them after looking

    Cheers Shane

    napatjo Friend

    Your website does not clearly state this issues. It should not be necessary to search the forum for such info.*
    You listing the Ja Wall just as anothe Joomla template.*

    I say its hidden because its very hard to find. Its not giod usability. Everything is looking the same. Theres no distinct difference between menus. It looks abit like a mess. To many menus. That confuse the users,

    tfosnom Friend

    Hi Napatjo
    I understand what you are saying, I’m just a member, same as you, but feel free to send a PM to drarvindc, he is the top dog here, he’d welcome an opportunity to hear your suggestions re: useability etc. He’s always looking for feedbank so JA can improve the user experience

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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