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    As we planned, after monitoring the stability and fairness of Credit and I Thanks system, would like to make the credits an incentive to the active and helpful members in our JA Community.

    Credits Redemption for JA membership

    From now on, you can request to redeem
    1800 credits for 6 Months JA Standard Membership
    3000 credits for 1 year JA Standard Membership

    3500 credits for 6 Months JA Developer Membership.
    6000 credits for 1 Year JA Developer Membership.

    How to redeem?
    Go to Redeem and Drawing page , select the redeption package and submit your redemption request as belows. All redemption will be reviewed and you account will be updated every week on Friday


    Terms and Conditions
    1. Only Licensed Members can participate in this program
    2. Standard Membership Holder can redeem to extend Standard Membership or upgrade to Developer Membership, Developer Membership Holder can redeem to extend Developer Membership
    3. Credits used for redemption should not be earned by spamming the forum. Admin/Mod reserve the right to deny your redemption upon any sign of spam.
    4. JA Staff can not participate in this program

    Q: When I can redeem for the membership
    A: At any time, whenever you get enough credits

    Q: What happens after I redeem?
    A: Once a week, our Admin/Mod will view and approve the valid redemption

    Q: How is my Membership will be extended?
    A: The membership will be extended by adding the redeem period to the expired date, not from the date of redemption. So you can redeem anytime you like, not loosing the membership period you has paid for.

    Q: Can I redeem when my membership has expired?
    A: No, sorry.

    Cheers and Happy credits earning and redeeming! 🙂

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    Menalto Friend

    This was a great addition, and i think all members will find this great too.

    mfcphil Friend

    can’t find the lucky draw?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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